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Yeah I am very worried too

Yeah, it would have worthed if you waited and calmed down before reporting the issue, but I understand your frustration. I created tickets about problems that are visible from the log file:

* Bug#5665 - [MP] InvAdd failed to container 0
* Bug#5666 - [MP] Could not get LE at e_event_actormove.cpp:42
* Bug#5667 - [MP] Could not get LE at e_event_particleappear.cpp:61

@DarkRain, could you take a look?


Many thanks! And again, sorry

UFO:AI version: 2.6-dev IA 32 Jun 13 2017 Win 32 DEBUG (that's what it says)

The systems specs don't matter since this is not a graphical or performance bug.

What the title says, just try to play at least 2 games (or even one) in a row without having a single crash. Anything you do, crash. Accidentally gas civilian? Crash. You spot someone using goggles? Crash. You go up one level when the game is loading? Crash. Map finished loading? Crash. You killed someone with a certain weapon? Crash. Whatever? Crash. Also if you manage to survive one game without it crashing, the team you spent like 15 minutes making probably corrupts itself for no reason at all and you have to make a new one. That's why I always backup the team file, but if this happens to you for the first time without you knowing this can happen, you are gonna be pretty pissed. I am sorry if i am being very aggressive in this report but multiplayer gets me on my nerves, I just wanted to play a normal 1vs1 match with my friend who loves UFO:AI as much as I do and whom I wanted to challenge to see who has better tactics in this game.

To reproduce the crashes, you can just try to play a multiplayer match and you'll get a crash, no matter what you do.
Maps we played: Village or village 2 i think, farm, and one static map with two houses one which has three floors or so and the other one just one and there's a van in between.

Your NPC soliders idea would be great to make new missions imho.

Thank you! Also, thanks for the info :D

Feature Requests / NPC national soldiers and zoom-in to aliens speed
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:58:44 pm »
How great would that be? To fight side by side with some dumb or mildly intelligent (so that they don't take too much time to finish their turn) soldier AI with normal assault rifles and body armor. Even though they are no match for medium and late stage aliens (They could compensate in numbers though), it would still feel nice to have some AI fighting on your side on the battlefield. How nice would it be to have some sort of human professional soldiers (or local militias) which can die without you wanting to restart the game?. How awesome would it be that at the end of a battle the landscape is filled with alien AND human corpses representing the tragedy of war? Very immersive! You could even have bigger scale battles or maybe new types of missions in which you have to hold a place against alien attack waves until the national reinforcements come to your aid. They could even have their own respective national uniforms or their local skin color! I don't mean soldiers which do all the work for you in battles without you having to risk the lives of your own soldiers, no! I mean soldiers which compensate for the overwhelming number of aliens or soldiers with relatively pathetic firepower and body armor so that your squad still has an important role on the battlefield.

Side suggestion: make the zooming-in to aliens thingy when they shoot or move faster (or at least speed adjustable) so that alien turns don't take as long. This is one of the things which sometimes makes me or even other people bored of land battles. It is a very small thing that by changing it could make battles a hell lot more fun and less tedious.

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