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I got first bug - failing time control buttons. It s not about keyboard. I did some base maintainance in pause when it happened. I had second base building in progress (control center, electrostation, radar, barracks) when core laser research completed, so i began aircraft laser research.

lua error(0) [node=bases.sections.facilities.content.building_lab, behaviour=panel]: [string "_assets_base.ufo"]:46: attempt to index a nil value

First bug, whose message i can't find both in bugtracker and on forum:

Window 'tipoftheday' not found
Sanity check for script data
...buildings ok ok
...aircraft ok
...items ok
...nations ok
lua error(0) [node=bases.current_employees, behaviour=confunc]: [string "bases.ufo"]:105: attempt to index a nil value
lua error(0) [node=bases.current_employees, behaviour=confunc]: [string "bases.ufo"]:105: attempt to index a nil value

(Error lines pair appeared totally 15 times)

Searching on forum i get this:
Each word must be at least two characters long.

It is only first seconds of new standard gameplay, so no visible issues yet. Possible, that it is not related to there.
For now i only created base at Africa and covered russia with 3 radars.

P.S. I wanted to add new line to terminal to separate visually next log (or some #xxxx separator), but it somehow scrambles terminal's own input feedback, making all input blind. After crash terminal is not restored, requiring to type reset to make input not blind again.


I'm about to try it with new standard game, probably.

> 1) exit from hercules AirCraft (jungle map with crocodile loadscreen)
Is this true only with 4?

Usually if i wanted to cover hercules exit with smoke - the only option was to throw it to floor right before exit, otherwise it rolls down inevitably, also useful to cover soldiers after they did first cleanup. But i never throwed many grenades at one place (though one time during skirmish i tried smoke together with gas grenade - at dumb map, after passing far bridge entrance/exit.

> 2) entrance to the Hunter UfoCraft (Snow map)
What i usually get when smoke is on map, especially in several instances/places - crash with i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer I/O error, but that is way different. Never used smoke right in entrance, since it breaks ir googles which are vital in such places.

Linux / Re: X server crash in tactical missions
« on: February 09, 2019, 02:39:08 pm »
Similar crash, but with different conditions, with 2.6-dev.
Exact error seems to be localized to russian:
i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: ?????? ?????/??????
What i can understand as input/output error.

I believed long time it is driver bug unless found intereting statement:
NVidia tends to have the most forgiving drivers, in my experience. AMD has less forgiving drivers. Intel can be downright cruel at times.

On my system it happens after longer time. I have no exact idea of reproducing - last time i played "village" map on very hard, starting game right from point when firebird headed to mission. I made 2 or 3 restarts due to some mistakes, at last managed to eliminate 2/4 enemies and find 3rd in far house, when i got killing freeze - i had another one on same attempt, but it did not crash, probably because i unintentionaly moved camera, because after unlock camera where in one of map corners.

Just before very hard gameplay (my first attempt... btw, whatever they say - unwounded soldier survives single plasma pistol hit even on v-hard) i made standard, trying new for me play order at geoscape, and sometimes i had several tactical missions before crash.

Someone already made this topic in Mac section, but it seems to be independent. If i start new antimatter send, than save and load new save, antimatter disappears from send, while on sender it is like sent, so antimatter is just lost.

I'm playing 2.6, from commit f8a652df9221007449fed3b21c66b28de5a314dd:
* Make it possible to utilize the whole screen on "fill"-ed windows (set proper window size)

During game runing session three bugs begin to appear (nearly at the same time, listing in order i usually notice them during gameplay):
- Movement time indicator doesn't appear when i'm to move soldier.
- For some (but not all) soldiers it is impossible to fire weapons: if i choose fire mode from menu, cursors changes from crosshair with movement position marker to simple green crosshair, but not aiming one. For some soldiers, however, it still works. E.g., i fired with two soldiers than switched to next. Bugs happens with most soldiers, excepting previous two (may be more, but most - exactly).
- Soldiers health bar disappears - i faced it both at geoscape during base management and during mission.

For first i found similar bug:

Other two - i don't know what search phrase is suitable, probably it is not reported.
"cannot fire" search on bugtracker gave something seemingly unrelated.

Since first bug could not reproduced by anyone - i don't know, what exactly leads, so i will describe my sequence.
I began new standard game.
- Founded base at africa, added new one lab, factory, interceptor hangar to base.
- Built ufo storage and two radars in south america.
- Dearmed soldiers, pulled out, repulled back 12 soldiers, watching to stats.
- Bought aircraft and soldier gear, selling unused (autopistols, rocket launchers, TR-20, etc).
- Loaded dropship crew with full weight for better training - so base inventory has dozens of GL frag ammo (i made set of versatile groups, each with AR, close combat, sniper and bombers/GL).

Accelerated time until March 26, at then got first scout on base radar (at africa). It landed in close asia city before fighters could reach it - when i got africa happiness lowered just before, i sent stiletto for some patrol to look to edge pieces, uncovered by radar, and it was too far to make it in time.
Bugs appeared during tactical mission. With my full-encumbered soldiers i managed to kill one taman and corner another and spider, tamans are with blades (i prefer snapshots for training, using bursts only in critical situations, as well as pistols intead of shotgun due to better accuracy by default).

I don't know, when healthbar disappeared from stats (i don't monitor it specially during play - it is just crazy, i even forgot about this bug, as it did not happen while i played post-endgame just before this new attempt). So, the only warning that can't be missed is inability to activate firing cursor mode for most soldiers.

Game restart fixes all bugs.
When i played endgame and later at previous attempt, game simply began to slowdown gradually, making some operations torture, e.g. selling/buying or adding items to be sent. But i remember it appearing in begining - can't remember, when this sort of bugs disappeared.

Edit: forgot another symptom - in geoscape time control keys stop working (don't remember what if just click these buttons).

Feature Requests / Re: Geoscape labels and hiding alien transports
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:32:57 pm »
Waited unless new incoming transport appeared. However, it disappeared at some distance from base, probably because noticed two crafts (empty firebird with saracen) staying here. It approached only after i managed to send saracen from position before it could be detected. Looks like just one craft is enough to detect, as next time single stingray detected it in minutes or hours of game time after barely made it to rendezvous with transport, moment before it entered to another base.
These labels still could be useful, so that next time you know, where transport is heading after course correction.

P.S. Strange - i enabled reply notification for start message, but still did not get notification (though i got it for another threads, from discussions group).
Update: it is ok now - by some reason email ISP allowed two replies to incoming, while others and next where moved to spam before downloaded.

Feature Requests / Geoscape labels and hiding alien transports
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:39:11 pm »
I had complex situation while on geoscape, where i had potential alien base search point (i could catch exact coordinates only after transport left base, though even with almost fine positioning base doesn't appear several days), two more transport approaching (one already corrected course to possible destionation), and for better aircraft load - 1 scout, 2 harvesters (unclear, which are hunting) and 3 missions with 1 terror (can't wait).

To cope with that i had hercules, two saracens and stingrays (using rarely, if no other mean reachable like lure craft, due to pressure of work) and firebird, which i keep specially for alien base search, staying long on same place.

Problem is that transport ufo are more important for tracking, because there is no events for ufo, disappearing by going to base. For now it needs to be manually tracked by transports. One time i waited about week, just keeping 3 crafts just covering disappearance point, and still not found. After reloading to moment of transport approach, i did it in just a day after by finest aircraft placing transport hide point with full zoom). But it was the only job for moment, now it is way harder. For another base i could not remember exact location, because crafts where busy, and determined it exactly only when catched it taking off, but placing on exact takeoff point seems to need much longer than previous case.

Would be very useful to be able to place custom labels, which either don't have functions unlike crafts, installations or missions, or have just one - send some craft to these coordinates, which acts like for mission, but doesn't trigger any actions on arrival, and craft just stays here. In addition, event system could have special events for ufo hiding and unhiding (different from appearing and disappearing in space), where hiding could automatically add label (which may be manually removed when not needed) and unhiding - just like appearing transport - allow to stop time or just make notification.

There could be more uses for labels, such as drafting objects before actually instantiating, for better planning. Some alternative for draftable objects, which may be created like objects, but don't begin build, unless confirmed.

Edit: Added screenshot with all objectives.

Discussion / Re: Thermobaric ammo
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:35:58 pm »
Thanks, but i meaned other article, describing principle of bumblebee ammo detonation (which is missing for english). Though english page is still useful - i did not even know that there is GL variant with 1.5 times smaller caliber, but almost same yield.

I learned better this page:
Looks like it briefly describes what i previously found only at russian-only page about Thermobaric explosion, referenced from russian version of first link.
So, it is referenced not even by bumblebee page.

Its idea to have fuel mixed with partial amount of oxydizer, begining react (first part) by scattering detonation wave, before second stage (air burning) begins. Which seems to be only true thermobaric variant, effective with calibers, used by infantry weapons.

Discussion / Is high resolution texture pack still available?
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:57:27 pm »
I discovered today, that there is separate texture pack, but the only pk3 link i found obsolete:,5583.msg45052.html#msg45052

Not sure yet, how my i965 sandybridge videosystem will work, just wanted to try.

My appologies - i just discovered, that option to get email notifications about replies is hidden by expander bellow. Usually i manually polled pages to see when reply appears, but it is somewhat encumbering.

This year i made manual compilation in sources in my dedicated dir at home - problem doesn't appear. I'm trying to understand, what caused it that time - my guessment is that script caused too high load for server.

Discussion / Re: Thermobaric ammo
« on: February 02, 2019, 01:05:16 pm »
I just better looked again about this weapon. Looks like, initial idea of first accurate fuel spreading before detonation is ineffective for infantry weapon, and Shmell uses different approach.

More exactly, translation for this article:
is named as - many variants, so i would write it as "volume/spatial detonation ammo/warhead", so game therminology could use something like VD, SD, and it is told to be usable only on big weapons, like missiles or bombs.

As for Shmell, there is wikipedia page, which doesn't even have english version - it is called Thermobaric explosion, but is more complicated than VD. However, it is less effective on open areas, as shockwave seems to play significant role in burning, and reflected waves improve it.

There is even hand grenade version, but in current gameplay it could be unsave, if thrown grenade detonates in direct site, as explosion radius should be very big.

Speaking about tech, i had idea of environment independent variant, where fuel and oxydizer begin to mix and react while still under shell. I'm not sure, wether it will really improve it.

Discussion / Some means about rail/coilguns and transport
« on: February 02, 2019, 09:21:42 am »
Some of my notes, i would like to share:

- New ammo unification for RL, railgun and coilgun.
It just looks strange, that newer antimatter nano-rocket ammo is proposed for older railgun, but not for more advanced coilgun. While RL looks unable to launch AM rocket of proper size (as rockets seem launcher only by engine without pre-acceleration), hybrid rocket looks suitable for anything, that can launch AM rockets, too. As for coilgun - it naturaly looks like infantry adaptation of ufo missile launcher. Since it has, according to description, highest caliber  than any human infantry weapon (bigger than railgun), would be essential to prefer it for micro-missile experiments. However, it doesn't mean, that it obsoletes railgun...

- It is strange, that railgun with its relatively lower caliber (lower than coilgun) has only 2 shots capacity. I remember 2.4 time, where it had 8 or 6 shots and even had assault weapon class. While it is naturally rather sniper, than assault, it should have obviously bigger ammo capacity than coilgun - its image showes changeable barell and clip, including obviously more than 2 shots. To better attenuate barell errosion, each next shot with same clip could have degrading damage, e.g. by 5 per shot. It could just subtract 5*<missing_shots> for current clip from max damage, if such thing is possible - thus, after 8 shots it will barely better than SR (only by precision), also decrement itself could optionally progress, e.g. by 1, begining e.g. from 4 or 3 (if evaluation of missing ammo shots is ever possible).

- Should not micro-rocket ammo be explosive? One time i tried skirmish with antimatter railgun ammo, at dam. After passing bridge and checkpoint building on its end, i noticed enemy, hiding behind bulding right in front of exit from bridge. I found it as ideal case for AM railgun. Though it did not kill hovernet, it clearly pierced both walls. According to description, AM rockets are really frag explosive. Applying this property to initially piercing ammo, it could create splash damage at hit point, on both sides of pierced wall, and fletchette-like shot behind of wall (consisting of both rocket and wall fragments, each with slightly different damage).
  Btw, even for solid AP sniper shots, wall piercing damage could completely convert to weakened original shot with difference going to wall fragments behind. Of course, it would depend on wall material - metalic walls (e.g. gates) would generate much less shrapnel, but it could have light fire damage.
Specially for coilgun/railgun solid slugs, hitting metal surfaces and probably alien armor, it could create blinding effect at hit point (though i'm not sure, wether carbon nanotube plate can generate same amount of flash as metal plate).

- Is it ok, that ufo armor may be penetrated by human coilguns? Railgun is initially researched in response to alien infantry armor, but ufo armor should be way taughter (in tactical HP scale may be 200 for harvester and even higher for later - not transport). It may be fun or not, but it is possible to eliminate last  usually badass survivors in corrupter just by staying under proper side section with one or more men seeking via IR googles and coilgunner shooting through floor. I'm not sure though, how ufo armor is scaled to tactical gameplay.

- In above case is ok, there could be some interesting way of intentionally damaging ufo engines (for studied ufo), thus turning possible harvest/terror mission into crash site if mission is aborted (though happiness impact could be same for first aborting, before conversion is happened). Though i usually don't agree such resolution (for alien base 1 abort is enough to turn complete all-extatic state into begining or worse, at standard hardness).

Discussion / Recovering transport from alien base
« on: February 02, 2019, 07:46:58 am »
When transport once appeared, i tracked it carefully under some magnification (to fit continent to screen), then sent aircraft to exact location (not just to radar range). I managed to ambush it before transport took out (i noticed it previous time, since i waited too long with 2-3 aircrafts constantly in area, as i tracked disappearance location not enough exactly).

As i can see, alien base has just one transport dock. If transport is meaned to be in base during capture, it probably should be recovered as usually done with any land mission.

Discussion / Re: What if alien plasma tech used metalic hydrogen
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:23:27 pm »
I haw some ideas, how it could appear in story.
(btw, i understood, why it would not even be considered as something worthing for story, as only in 2017 they where able to get stable solid sample, which was lost when test installation broke due to immense pressure, and it is unknown, wether it still lies somewhere in lab or degraded).

During research of took down alien FTL vessel new proposal is mailed from dr. Konnor - he proposes to give new try for long forgotten research for metalic hydrogen creation. Previous attempts to get metalic hydrogen where too expensive to rely on its usage - resource for gear, used for process, was very pour, as even diamond with thin aluminium oxyde layer was destroyed after first successful attempt. But as soon as alien materials are capable to withstand necessary pressure, cost should decrease drastically. Once technology is mastered, it should provide much safer alternative to antimatter - both for fuel and weapon application.

After reasearch (makes available MH production units):
New unit for MH production is developed (or could be done in separate research, unlocked by this one). It is completely automated and requires only one worker per unit to maintain it working (of course, he must have a workplace in factory). Unit itself must be produced, costing among others some amount of alien materials. The single unit is able to produce 100g of MH per day (i just guessed these digits). It is more expensive, than known fuel in current use, now available for our own production, and while our powers are limited, it needs careful application. There are ideas about enhanced rocket engine, capable to use MH granules as fuel. Also just like antimatter, it is good to be used as explosive part in weapons.

Why aliens still did not introduce it on battlefield? Probably, they really worry, that less developed enemies, they usually target, may easily reproduce this tech, unlike to what is used in plasma and particle weapons, we already discovered, and keep it for really bad days. It is very possible, that our squads will face it at alien home, used agains them in worst ways.

Alien homeworld:
It seems, aliens don't have problem with production of any details from MH. New types of grenades and projectile weapons are discovered, used by aliens.
Alien MH grenade: much more powerful than previous variant, dealing both heat and concussive damage.
Needler MH ammo:
- slightly thicker needles with MH core
- Each needle is as dangerous as single shot from plasma weapons.
Gardian needler:
- uses MH as part of coils, reliably secured from possible sparks and external heat.
- shoots less amount of them, but more accurately.
- secured by fingerprint scanner. On attempt for unauthorized use MH coils will be detonated, resulting in formidable explosion, more powerful than grenade (just like multi-tool like weapon in 5th element :)).

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