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Feature Requests / Melee Weapon: Laser Blade
« on: April 08, 2010, 02:00:32 pm »
i had this concept from a old FPS MMO i used to play called Neocron. i dont know if a simlar thing exists in the game you have or not. just an idea.

ive tried searching the net but theres no real ingame picture to use as reference. but they came in simlar shapes to each other. different colours for the stages that there was.

mk1 being blue, mk2 yellow , mk3 gold/red ish.

Basically a Lazer Blade (laser) not to be confused with a star wars lightsaber. as its always on when in the hand.

you can see the Mk3 one in this youtube video.

and 2 of the best videos based on PVP there is. i think they some of the laserblades in action. not sure where. atleast the musics good listen to...
some the videos were speeded up even tho some last 10 mins. because the ingame wars lasted hours.

you briefly get to see one 2mins and 6 mins a brief moment also in the yellow one.

and 2 mins in the red one here. and blue

its seen here. not in action...

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