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Discussion / No Nightly Builds ? Ufo AI site stopped?
« on: April 11, 2020, 11:19:44 am »
Hi! First, I was searching for new updates from ufo ai, but the page only shows new updates from 2 years ago! From april 2018!

Secondly, the nightly builds section is not working.

Whats happening?


Bugs in development version (2.6-dev) / Similar problem on bugtracker
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:53:00 pm »
I was wandering on bugtracker when I found this issue:

Isnt the same problem I reported here on the forum, on this topic? Here:,9066.0.html
If thats the case, the problem is solved.

Why do we have the bugtracker? Where do I post bugs, here in the forum or in the bugtracker?

Windows / Bars between soldier names
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:56:37 am »

I found a strange error in the new nightly build version of the game (I think its from January): When I enter the Soldiers menu, within the base, between the names of the soldiers there will be an empty bar/rectangle. If I get out from the menu and back again, there will be more bars between the names of each soldier. For example, after 4 times from getting out and back from the Soldiers menu, I will find 4 bars. Thats annoying. Check the picture where you will see 2 bars between each soldier name:

Windows / Muscular Implant and Amphetamines txt
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:44:19 pm »
Is it normal to dont have yet the research text for muscular implant and the amphetamines? I have the new nightly build (28 august 2017).

Windows / Dont see the box lines on inventory
« on: August 11, 2016, 07:21:54 pm »
Since many moths ago, any nightly build I install has the same problem: I cant see the lines (the green lines that delimit each part of the inventory: the box for the right hand, left hand, backpack, etc).

Why is that? Is it me or a problem not fixed yet?

Thanks for the help.

Discussion / Disassemble
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:38:18 pm »
hi guys! Hi have the las 2.5 deviation, from August.

How can I disassemble a ship? I think I am missing something...

I already researched the fighter and UFO theory. I have free hangars, workers, etc. But everytime I click on "star this production" (on the fighter, under the disassemble tab) nothing happens. Whats happening?

Discussion / Resolution on 2.5
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:57:07 am »
I just downloaded for the first time the 2.5 version of the game (last Nightly Build). At first it seems that resolution and graphics are not so sharp as before. Maybe its just me (last time I played the game was 1 year ago perhaps, 2.4 version).

Also, when I choose resolution it seems that they are not fitting to the screen very well.

At last, what can I do to improve graphics? Should I choose jpg textures, TGA...?

Thanks a lot for your help :)

Offtopic / What should i play now?
« on: July 05, 2012, 02:49:51 pm »

I finished UFO AI and i am thirsty, i want more! :D

Honestly its sad to see that there are no good tactical games - specially turn based ones - like Xcom, UFO AI and the like.

Any ideas? Its not necessary to be a turn based game or a game with the theme of alien invasion.

Discussion / Review & Suggestions
« on: July 04, 2012, 05:15:01 pm »
I just finished the game in the last stable 2.4 version.
I´ve played a lot, not only in that version but others too. I would like to give my small contribute by reviewing some aspects of the game that could be improved.In fact, this is not exactly a review: i will suggest things based on what i've played so far. See it a positive way, because the game is already very, very good.
1) It would be nice to see again weather conditions, like in older versions, and respective sounds (ex: rain falling); it would improve environment i think;
2) The black background on tactical missions could be replaced - by player option - with blue sky, night sky and dark clouds;
3) Sometimes it feels that the missions are more of the same so there could be more things to do and different objectives: protect a tactical point, protect a given (important) civilian, reach a given point in the scenario, etc; i will not give more ideas because i know that such change is really hard and should be very well discussed by all team;
4) Similary, there should be more tactical options and environment manipulation: move some objects (boxes, chair...), maybe scenario destruction (trees, walls, etc falling, destroying bridges), driving vehicles (nor only cars, but small boats, etc.
5) Some scenarios missions repeat very much. When my Firebird goes to a crash site and i start the mission i get disapointed many times because i will find often the exact same scenario.
6) Civilians are just small bugs that i always ignore, they dont have the feel of a person; i like role play on games and will try to save civilians on many games, but not in this, so i would suggest these: more interaction with civilians like yelling at them [that would mean, giving an order or moving them to safe places]; there should be more obvious penalties when a civilian died; some civilians could use guns (and some of them could go crazy and attack us);
7) I feel that AI could be better and missions even more hard; another idea could be the creation of different "mods" of acting: in some missions aliens would be very agressive towards civilian killing them all (and that would be very bad for Phallanx, with more penalties), other times they could be very cautious (hiding a lot, sneaking behind, etc); in other missions aliens would try to collect something and then go away (and we would loose the mission, but no the soldiers of course);
8) AI could have more acting options: teleport themselves from one point to other, crouch, controlling the minds of civilians and even players;
9) There could be different types of aliens: keevars, ortnoks, etc are just more of the same because they act/attack in the same manner, so i would suggest other kind of aliens: flying aliens for example, a very big and powerful alien (so powerful that should demand a big number of soldiers and tactics to kill him) that would create fear on the player, invisible aliens, aliens that would be experts on creating traps (proximity grenades for instance), aliens that could metamorph like civilians, etc.
10) Some weapons are never used, like pistols and knifes, but they are nice because give a feeling of real to the game; even so they could be more used thats why i suggest that they could use less units; also, if ammunition on important weapons (sniper riffle, torch, etc) were even less, maybe one would find itself using small weapons more often.
11) There is a very big variety of weapons, and thats really great, but armors are just the same and its boring doing so much research on them for nothing; armors could have different uses: for example, one armor would be great against plasma but weak against explosions, others would be the opposite; some armors could hamper player movments and/or should be used by strong players. I think that would force players think a lot before choosing their armour on each mission.
12) I dont use grenades at all because they dont seem very useful; perhaps they could have a greater spread effect hitting lots of enermies at the same time.
13) The alien scimitar is very good, specially with an expert soldier on Close Combat! I would never see myself using such weapons, so dont make them worst :); i also  think that there should be more close combat wepons like the shotgun;
14) Reaction fire doenst work that much.
15) Some weapons should be review i think: i will hit an alien with a laser rifle, faster than a sniper rifle; rocket launcher should have a more powerful feeling, causing more deaths around the target; it should be powerful enough to kill civilians within a range of 5 for example (of course that in order to balance the game, maybe it should use much more units, maybe 20).
16) Alien bases could have more aliens (12?14?) and maybe a boss.
17) There should be more missions for capturing live aliens.

1) Sometimes the number if missions and ufos is too much; so i suggest that the automission button could be used more often and with more probability of sucess (less damage on soldiers for example).
2) I think that it would be useful to have the "escort" option on interceptors because sometimes i have the need of escorting my Firebird to a mission.
3) I would like to see the path of transport missions.
4) I dont get the happyness system: sometimes i sell a ufo to a given nation and their happyness increases, sometimes decreases.
5) Ufopaedia could have more in-game useful information: whats the real difference between submachineguns,microguns,etc? How does it works the antimatter storage (now i know)? and a lot more
6) I never used Starchaser neither Dragon interceptors; i feel that Stingray is enough. Maybe there could be a new ship able to transport 10 soldiers to a mission
7) Sometimes battle on Geoscape will freeze and everything gets normal after a few seconds/minutes.
8) I think that there should be the option of building the first base from scratch.
9) In the begining of the game there could exist a quick transport ship for much less soldiers (3?-5?). It would be a cheap ship and anyone starting from scratch would be (almost) forced to buy it, instead of the firebird. Just and idea to think of course.

I could say much more things but these are enough :P. I think that devloping some things on tactical missions (like points 3 trough 9) would make things much more better.

Discussion / Enemy on Earth Question
« on: July 03, 2012, 07:39:04 pm »
How do i make it possible to have the "Enermy on Earth" research?

I would also like to ask too if, after that, i will be able to send troops to an Alien Base and finish the game.


Bugs in older version (2.4) / Unable to research
« on: June 12, 2012, 12:26:33 am »
I suppose this is a bug: i am unable to research propulsion, astrogation, alien detection and particle beam weapon.

Why? Can i avoid that problem somehow?


FAQ / Soldiers Stats_How do they work?
« on: July 30, 2011, 04:06:27 pm »
Moderators, i am sorry if my question is not new, but i couldnt find anything about it with Search.

My question is: how do stats affect gameplay and how do they work exactly? For example, how does Accuracy stat relat to, Sniper/Assault/Heavy Stats? For what in-game purposes serves the Strenght and Speed stats? etc

Thanks and sorry for my english.

Discussion / How do i finish the game?
« on: December 22, 2010, 07:15:50 pm »
I am playing UFO AI and in the ingame time i am in September.
I´ve researched almost everything so far, only missing 2 or 3 plasma weapons and kerrblade.
I´ve researched fighter ufos, and scouts and harvesters. I got a live alien, etc etc.

What should i do know? The game wont go further so to say


Windows / No footsteps sound neither reaction fire 2.3
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:19:12 pm »
Hi guys,
I have the last stable version, 2.3 (downloaded on July or August can remember) but it seems that there still dont exist footsteps sounds. Sometimes i hear some footstep sounds i think, but they are of very low quality.

Another thing that i dont see is weath effect (i checked it).

For last, there is no reaction fire :-(

Is this a bug or something not developed yet?

Well, this is not the place for here but i would like to suggest the creation of a sky :-). Blue sky during the day would be funny. :-)

Thanks for reading

Discussion / Base from scratch
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:10:11 pm »
Isnt possible to start a new game with a completly "blank" base, built from scratch??

I think that in older versions i was able to do this but not now, on last 2.3 version.

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