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Bugs prior to release 2.4 / Geoscape hangs with attached save
« on: June 29, 2011, 12:25:59 am »
After the recent problems (see my other thread), I switched to the nightly of June, 19th. With some luck I evaded the problem from the other thread, but ran into something new:

Some UFOs were flying around and being fired upon by my units - and then geoscape slows down so much that it hangs. I was able to save, since the menu does work - but I cannot do anything on geoscape. Everytime I reload that savegame, geoscape hangs again.

So I just downloaded the most recent nightly - but the problem is still there.

I think it's a problem with too many fights being fought at the same time, but I'm not sure about that. Taskmanager shows 8% CPU load from UFO on my i7 (4x3.33 GHz).

Other problems (with all versions):
- When using Alt-Tab to go to another program or the desktop, the mouse is missing
- After returning from Alt-Tab sometimes the return key for saving files does not work, but the one from numpad does.

BTW: Is it meant that the sparrowhawk missiles are so rare that I can't even produce enough to equip my interceptors or am I just having bad luck with too many UFOs flying around?

Bugs prior to release 2.4 / Some bugs
« on: June 19, 2011, 11:25:06 am »

I thought I should give the latest version a try, but for the last versions, I always stumbled into the same bugs and can't find a way to workaround. The latest test was with ufoai-2.4-dev-1301086950-Debug-pentium3-O1-sse-7z-full-win32.exe

OS: Vista 64
Graphics: nVidia GTX 295 with latest drivers (same problems also on previous versions of the game with previous graphics drivers)

So...let's go:
1) The Geoscape is always flickering in the beginning after starting the game/loading a saved game. A couple of switches to the menu and then back to the geoscape fixes this.
2) Although I win every battle without losses and sparsely losing a single civilian (IIRC 2 in total all over all those missions), the nations are not that extremely happy with my performance, right on from the beginning of the game. They're still not shown in any fashion that I would expect problems, but usually around beginning of May, after winning a battle (without loss of civilians) the game ends in total defeat, claiming that too many lives were lost. This happens both with 100% autoplay as well as with 100% manual play for the battles. Last time one nation went to neutral, but normally all nations are more happy than neutral, so I really don't get it why I get a total defeat.
3) When I go to the menu from a mission and select abort, the game hangs. I've got to use taskmanager to end it - every time. The only workaround: end the mission and reload.
4) When I approach a harvester, I usually get messages about entering and leaving the rescue zone close to the entry of that UFO.

Not really a bug: If I alt-tab to another program, the cursor is inoperative on the windows desktop. When I alt-tab back to the game, it's working again.

Bugs which I've found on the forum and can confirm:
1) For Autoplay, often a defeat screen shows up when all my soldiers survived and all civilians were rescued while all aliens were shot. Just reload, redo...
2) My OS is switched to english, but I am in germany. Even though I also switch the game to english, I get an almost entirely german game.

Translation: There were a few typos, but stupid me forgot to note everything :( At least with the message about the rescue zone I remember that it writes "Soldate" which is wrong. Either "Soldat" (soldier) or "Soldaten" (soldiers).

I packed the folder which I think contains all the info about the game. Hope it helps.

Well..aside from the sudden total "defeat" due to winning all missions, it's well playable and a massive improvement to the version I tried last year. It almost looks like an entirely new game! Great work!

Bugs prior to release 2.3 / Little problem with map "Bridge"
« on: September 28, 2009, 10:35:40 am »

I've got a little problem with the map "Bridge" (R26356). An UFO that was shot down was located close to the bridge, leaving a Muton walking ON the bridge. The bridge is pretty high and it seems that there's no way up there. The Muton apparantly could not leave the center part of the bridge, thus I could not reach him with grenades. Shooting at him also did not work, as the bridge provides too much cover being so high.

Maybe I miss some way to shoot up there?

However, the general thing is, that there's no way up to the bridge, thus I don't even see how an alien could be placed in an unreachable spot initially, which appears to be a bug to me.

Any suggestions?



I've sadly run into a situation where my two most recent savegames always run into the following assertion and then crash:

Line: 755

Expression: !mission->ufo || !mission->ufo->detected

I've apparantly missed updating and have been running a version built on september, 6th. Is there a way to see the revision number from the test installation aside of the day?

Retried after loading with r26236 and had the same results.

Since my other save files are three days old, I'd be happy if anyone has an idea how I could continue playing with these files. Aside from that, the game has become pretty stable with the recent changes.



first a big thank you for this game - last year I had much fun with the latest stable release. Observing the immense changelogs since then, I thought that I should give the development build a try.

I've got a very big problem with all maps that do include Harvesters, as the Harvesters stairs are non-functional both for the aliens and me. As a result, any aliens trapped in the upper level of a Harvester are impossible to shoot. I've observed the same problem in Odie's builds before and after that release, however as I understand it, even the newer releases use the same maps. I'm running them on Vista 64.

The only workaround I could find yet was never to shoot down a Harvester (as auto missions are not possible then) and only use auto missions when I've got a Harvester on the ground. Interestingly, that leads to another observation, surely known: Auto missions always fail completely or are a perfect success. There's never a civilian harmed or a single soldier lost with them.

Screet, currently downloading R24571 in order to see if aliens still can move to strange places on fighter crash maps (including use of the same space as soldiers do)

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