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Sounds and Music / Apparently, the media files are NOT free?
« on: September 03, 2014, 06:11:56 am »
Hey, I know that it was claimed that for version 2.5, all artwork is free (in license terms). (Source: Lol, just read the news on the front page.)

Now it appears that this may still not be the case.

I tried to finally remove UFO:AI from the list of rejected games of the LibreGameWiki, but I got this reply:
Quote from: GNUbie
Hey Wuzzy! Unfortunately looks like there still is something not quite right. This file lists 5 items without a license, radiant/bitmaps/texwindow_uniformsize.png, contrib/, contrib/scripts/compile_po.bat, contrib/scripts, update_potfiles_in.bat and src/tools/blender/md2tag_test.blend. Some items don't list an author. All and all they've done some nice progress and are getting awfully close to being free! GNUbie (talk) 03:03, 3 September 2014 (CEST)


The night side of the Earth (3D geoscape) becomes transparent for me if I set the ambient lighting (advanced graphics options) to a very low value. The sky, including sun and moon, shine through the Earth, which looks somehow funny.

ufo02.png shows the battlescape with a non-critical ambient light. The value I used is close to the default value. Nothing wrong here.
ufo04.png show the same battlescape from exactly the same time, viewing position, angle and zoom level but with the lowest possible ambient light value. You clearly see the sun shining through. Also note that the city lights are still visible.

Architecture: IA-32
OS: Linux 3.5.0 (i686)
Distribution: Arch Linux
UFO: AI obtained from: Arch Linux [community] repository
Arch Linux packages installed: ufoai 2.4-2, ufoai-data 2.4-1
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
Graphics driver: NVIDIA’s official crappy driver 310.32

How to reproduce:
  • In the advanced video options, set the ambient lighting to a very low value
  • View the 3D battlescape in campaign mode

Can anyone confirm this?

Linux / UFO:AI doesn't load any translations
« on: March 01, 2013, 05:32:56 pm »
Hi, my UFO:AI 2.4 doesn't seem to load any translations.

The game is in English available only, but I get only the most basic strings, like the main menu buttons are available. Longer texts are not visible to me, instead I just get something which looks like a placeholder.
For example, the entire campaign intro text is missing, instead I see strings like "intro_text_1", also the e-mails only have placeholders and a lot of other important texts are missing.
The campaign is almost unplayable without these texts.

In the options I see a list of all languages but all languages are gray except German (system language) and "No Language". This pretty much looks like the game failed to find the translations. Oh, of course I get the dummy strings, too, if I select "German". No matter which translation I select, I always get the dummy strings.

I use Arch Linux.
On my system, the translation files reside in /usr/share/ufoai/base/i18n.
The packfiles reside in /usr/share/ufoai/base.

If I start UFO:AI from the console and immediately quit after loading, I see one interesting line:

CL_LanguageInit: language settings are stored in configuration: none

At the very start, the output says that the packfiles get loaded. The output does not mention the translation files being loaded.

All the other output is not translation-related.

Can anyone please tell my what went wrong with my UFO:AI?

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