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Design / Underwater?
« on: July 06, 2010, 12:39:16 pm »
Hi guys, what do you think about it? It comes from this thread.

I guess it's not a good idea to make a new game in underwater environments (too boring). But some of those ideas could be incorporated into this game. For example, alien bases on Earth could be located only underwater and require a specifically designed craft/ship to get there and dock to entrance. Also, in 2083, there could be some small human underwater settlements attacked by aliens, i.e. built close to deuterium mining plants for our thermonuclear reactors - most important since aliens interrupted all deliveries from Mars (in Martian underground water tanks there's much greater deuterium percentage then on Earth). Of course, all of these would require whole new, interesting research branches.

Wait, humanity already made it to Mars in this storyline?

Well, we could easily do it by 2083. Although I guess we won't. But, hypothetically, we could build those clumsy ships that look like space stations with engines, some modules for transport from the ground and one mining plant (which could mine enough deuterium for one third of Earth's electrical power needs - thermonuclear reactors are very powerful).

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