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Feature Requests / Some general comments and questions. What a nice game!
« on: November 03, 2008, 01:51:20 am »
Guys, this is such a great game!!!  Thank you for making all this progress so far!
I played the 2.2.1 version until I researched everything so far available and the viral stuff started.  Now I am playing it on very hard to see how it is.

I have a couple of questions/comments, and I hope somebody can find them useful:

Do you plan to implement doors? I remember in the old UFO1/UFO2 getting through doors was a big deal with aliens waiting in ambush. 

It seems that soldiers not always can get close to a wall.  Sometimes there is a whole line of squares between the wall and where the soldier can reach.  This leaves a lot of “air” between the soldier and the wall, making if very hard to hide.

The aliens seem to have too many hit points on “very hard.”  I know that it is supposed to be “very hard” but when my soldiers die from one shot, while the aliens can take several, even having three soldiers with reserved time units in the end of the turn does not help.  Anyway, I am now getting the nanocomposite armor and I hope this would make it better.

I saw this to happen on “very hard”: Soldiers fire single shots during the aliens’ turn even though I have let them on “burst” and there is enough ammo.  This is nasty, because aliens can take many shots while my rookies die in one.  The machine gun guy fires auto; the laser rifle guys, however, fire single shots.

About the artificial intelligence: does program run each alien separately, or it tries to use several aliens in concert, as if playing chess? The latter would be much more fun.

I see that the terror maps follow some order.  I think it may be nice to have the early maps sometimes reappear.  This makes things more unpredictable.

Playing on “vary hard” means that I sometimes had to repeat a mission a few times.  The aliens always would appear in the same starting locations.  Is there a way to make this a little more random?  For example. when clearing a crashed harvester, I know that there are no aliens in the buildings right behind my troops.  I would be nice if sometimes there are “nice surprises.”

I hope that you plan on having more kinds of soldiers armor.  Do you plan on having additional types of alien weapons or types of aliens?  I hope there are at least some new races.

Economy:  I don’t know what your plans are, but so far I am getting more money that I need.  It should be the opposite: the player should always be cash strapped and one missed UFO away from bankruptcy :) (kidding).
A minor issue:  items cost the same to sell and to buy.  You may change this to buying at a premium and selling at some loss.
Purchased items appear immediately.  I like this because it helps in last minute preparation, but you may want to add delivery time :)

I like your idea about bases, necessary buildings, secondary bases, etc. 

Do scientists and workers need to show up with names? You could make them like in the old games - hire by the number.

NICE GAME! Thank you!

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