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Discussion / 2.5-dev: Power Armor vs. top-tier alien weapons
« on: October 22, 2012, 12:51:44 pm »
(I realize 2.5-dev is still undergoing extensive changes, so I apologize if this is a known issue)

So, I've been playing UFO:AI to feed my XCOM cravings (since I can't afford XCOM:EU). Really enjoying 2.5 (despite the constant crashes), especially the new wounding system and the huge increase in diversity of maps from when I last played (2.3). Still a few balance issues remain, but I'm sure you guys have heard about them a dozen times already. However, there's one that doesn't seem to have been posted about before, so here's my thread on it:

The Power Armor.
It Does Nothing against particle beams (or even needlers, but I can live with that) at all. A single rifle hit still reliably kills my best soldiers, or at the very least wounds them so badly they almost invariably bleed to death the next turn even with immediate medical attention. Given that each suit costs 36k credits (more than a Saracen!), only appears after particle beam weapons do, and imposes considerable TU penalties, this is a bit annoying.

Looking at armour.ufo, the listed protection values against particle beams are actually negative. I initially assumed this meant heavier armors would take more damage from particle beams, but ad hoc testing with PHALANX troops shooting each other suggested there's not a readily apparent difference.

Is this intentional? Comments?

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