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Tactics / base invasion on campaign
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:53:20 pm »
for the 1st time i played campaign on the hardest mode available. until now it worked quite well, but now i've something to solve that i - up to now - cannot

i've got a base invasion by 8 enemies, nothin much of a problem so far. the issue is that after 3-4 turns it says:
"the alien forces reached their target zone".
several questions there:
- which actually IS their target zone? (building, level)?
- i thought that's something only existing in skirmish?
- does one have an own target (zone) despite killing all enemies? which is it?
- how many turns can pass at maximum after that text?

i tried to use google and the board based search, but either i used the wrong keywords or .... well.

system win 10
version 2.6/IA-32 20.jan.17 win32 debug it says

Windows / download "blocked"
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:05:29 pm »

in an attempt to download the latest version (after 1 year) for another session of UFO:AI my chrome blocked the fully downloaded file

Windows UFO:AI installer (≈1.1 GB), complete installer.

"ufoai-latest-win32.exe Diese Datei wurde von den Sicherheitseinstellungen auf Ihrem Computer blockiert."

at 1st i thought it would be the extension but as i cannot switch that on/off and as other file downloads work, i wanted to ask wether there are known issues that could make chrome block that. Might be you give it a look also.

will try again in a few days


Discussion / question: monthly Update for Sept ?!
« on: October 12, 2013, 10:14:55 am »
there is no monthly update for Sept yet. Does that (hopefully) mean we will see a new "stable" version soon? :P

Discussion / Kerr Blades?
« on: September 24, 2013, 01:06:27 pm »
well, not that i used those any way any when, but i used the knifes once that result from the kerr blade tech.

so question: did you take them out of the game?

if not, the threat level must have grown too fast. nearly same with needlers. only found 2 normal needlers last game i played. might be some adjustments there are required.


FAQ / is there a way to just kill ONE living alien?
« on: September 24, 2013, 01:01:47 pm »
what happend:
before a mission i had nine living aliens, i returned with two others, one by purpose, one by accident

it offered me a chance to transfer the aliens, but i only had one quarantine station. it didnt let me move on either, just offered me to "close" or to "go to base", every time i closed and started again, the same message popped up again.

in the end i had to kill a stack of aliens, in my case i chose the ortnoks, because it were only two of them.

SO.... Question:
was there a better way or should that be fixed instead?

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / LE_NotFoundError / back to geoscape
« on: September 22, 2013, 10:45:24 am »
system win7/64bit
version 2.5 sept 4th/nightly
map: "bomber in the city" terror mission
science tree is nearly done so it was a last tier battle

somewhen in the battle it crashed with following message (see log screen views)

ERROR: LE_NotFoundError: Could not get LE with entnum 50 of type: 3 (src/client/battlescape/events/event/world/e_event_entperish.cpp:44)

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / strange bug in battles
« on: September 18, 2013, 04:03:22 pm »
in some ground battles it happens that the battle collapses and you end up on geoscape as if the battle never happened.
This bug is a) unreproduceable and b) seems to occur more often if you re-started your battle before. am not sure if it does not occur if you dont. All i can deliver is the message log (see below).

version used: 2.5 from 4/9
system: win 7 / 64 Bit

Discussion / comment on new combat system
« on: September 17, 2013, 03:38:56 pm »
i was quite pleased to find the combat system changed in the recent version. although aliens could work cooperatively (instead of now), the alien run at your position at the start of the fight is finally over. the lurking of aliens therefore is not possible anymore too. unfortunately the aliens still know whom of my guys is wounded most, even if he/she got the wounds from an earlier fight :-[

all those things that i really like much

the bad thing about that change is the chance of late-fight-deaths of soldiers in missions with more than ~15 opponents. i tried to do an alien base run with my best team (about 50-60 combats, weap skills somewhere between 70 and 90, quite much health and so on). well, one base run.... more like 20 at same base. the best i could master so far was 16 kills, i saw at least 2 others, and for the time it took it felt like there were another 5-10. unfortunally that was when my computer froze. cant tell why but i dont think it was UfoAI. on every other try i never crossed 10 kills without own losses.

what i want to say about it:
either the complexity of the alien base is too big (no more than 5 guys per team possible / 2,5 teams though)
or the amount of enemies is too high
or the aliens aim too well ;)

also some rooms have obstacles that force you to split-up, esp. those rooms with large fuel tanks, and crossing that room you'd have to turn to 2 sides. may be i did the base in a bad situation. the aliens already are on the latest tech level while i am not yet. Still it hurts. ;)

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / seemingly 2 problems on intercept
« on: September 15, 2013, 09:20:16 pm »
(win version 2.5 sept 4th on win 7 / 64 Bit)
problem no.1
ufo's on intercept missions seemingly don't fight other ships any more and though can be shot down without damage
i am not totally sure but i think that was different and more logical on earlier versions already
explanation for picture:
#2 (Dragon NA) intercepts #1 (ufo)
#3 (corrupter) intercepts #2 (Dragon NA, can read it @ top)
#4 (starchaser) intercepts #3 (ufo), will be without damage in my version

problem no.2
i am _not_ totally sure but it feels like the starchaser (once in in-fight) wont use its main weapons (particle beams) any longer and instead will kill the ufo using its laser only. the fight takes much longer than expected and a rapid laser sound is all i can hear. might be worth a check.

picture + savegame attached for  no 1 and no 2

something i forgot to mention

there is another interception problem (no.3):
if your interceptor is faster than the ufo it intercepts _AND_ approaches it from ahead _AND_ you choose a slow clock timing (5 minutes or lower for example) it happens that your interceptor will stay ahead of the ufo until either its changed manually or the ufo turns (so that the interceptor is behind the ufo). Being very unlucky it can even happen that the ufo may shoot while the interceptor is out of range. if required i could try to create such a savegame.

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / bug @ alien transfer - latest 2.5
« on: September 06, 2013, 09:43:17 pm »
from base #2 to base #1
the "from" values might be ok, guess those are only the live and dead aliens of last mission (no containment)
the "to" values seemingly are wrong as it shows i only had 1 dead taman, 0 dead sheevar, BUT 107 tamans alive.

EDIT: "reality" in base #1 was somethin between 100 and 110 tamans dead, 1 taman alive (so likely those were just switched) and about 40-50 dead sheevars (0 alive, so likely switch happened here too)

guess that's clear enough, but if required, i'd have a screenshot as well


Windows / font problem 2.5 latest (sept/03/13)
« on: September 04, 2013, 12:18:39 am »
forgot: W7 / 64 bit | used full installer

what i had:

2.4 full
2.5 (June) installed in separate folder

what i did

installed new 2.5 on top of the June version, after having problems with resolution (lowest resolution for some reason) & font removed all, reinstalled latest version

after that i changed everything back to settings i used before, but the font problem still remains (looks like no TTF on wrong size, pixelized)


did you (devs) changed anything on behalf of fonts, or is it me, and if: how could i try to fix it?
Any ideas?

EDIT: explanation: every text smaller than the text of buttons is weird now, be it help text, text within the initial menu, numbers in any subpart of the main menu (employee, research, buy/sell, whatever)

Tactics / AI: Strategic weaknesses + gaining points at Auto-combats
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:04:46 pm »
as suggestible from headline post will be parted into 2 parts. Sorry for my English in advance.

strategic weaknesses
during my playing 2.4 i observed 2 different "weaknesses" of the AI

1st thing is that alien behavior is quite predictable in general. If Phalanx is in range, it moves closer (not the case if badly wounded), if not it moves closer to civilians. so far so good. inappropriate is that it's possible to "lurk" them closer behind an obstacle, as they mostly come around the corner with nearly no TUs left. Even worse: having another soldier in quite some distance, with a laser rifle for example, the remaining TUs are wasted to him, not to the close one. A - partly - random behavior concept could fix that, making it more challenging.

Even worse it the 2nd aspect: on maps were most aliens are within the ship, especially harvester, it is possible to "collect" them on one point, moving to where the wing ends in the UFO (front of it). using IR glasses you then usually can observe 6-10 aliens gathering on nearest spots within the UFO. The rest of the team can be gathered without any interruption at the back of the UFO. When everything is ready you just move the front one a bit farther away, making 2-5 aliens approach at the back within 2 turns, the rest - dependent of distance - is still at the front. there is no "safer" way of execution. don't thing that the AI is meant to behave like that.

As game progresses the "lust for battle" declines a bit, especially after 100th ufo without bigger changes in aliens (3 types) and weapons (plasma rifle, plasma blaster, smaller stuff). Thats why i started to use Auto-combats a bit.

Entering the combats i used my typical setup (1 rocket, 2 sniper, 1 maschine gun, 1 heavy laser, 1 las rifle, 1 plas rifle, 1 bolter, all with 2nd armor). therefor i would have to live with my soldiers i chose them quite careful (*1) [....]

1st thing i observed is that Auto-combat - if successful - lifts all stats for those that got the kills, it doesn't just lift the weapon stats of the weapon used plus it does lift strength speed accuracy and wisdom way better than a normal combat would do. I mean: nice for the moment, but why? after a while was even angry i didn't try that before.

2nd thing: Combats vs observers / fighters are usually won without losses. while that's not the case on any bigger ship i'm asking myself how important the "quality" of the soldiers would be for the outcome, as i received comparable results for untrained soldiers of other bases shortly after. Is the terrain of interest for Auto-combat - may be combined with equipment used?

3rd: why Auto-combat is not possible on all maps, just on some?

Auto-combat generally is a nice feature in the late mid- and endgame, especially when all the world is covered by bases (seems as number of UFOs corresponds to it), but it has its faults. Still it SHOULD NOT exceed point gains possible without it.

4 classes:
complete waste: accuracy below 25, speed/strength below 20, targets most soldiers
acceptable: accuracy above 25, speed/strength above 20
specialist: acceptable + 1 class of weapon above 35 (rare)
super-soldier: all stats >30, sometimes up to 40 (very rare)

"supers" usually used as assaults or heavies

EDIT: to make that clear: i enjoyed the game so far, thats why i dealt to it a bit more. This is no criticism, thats just points that are worth a 2nd look by developers. most of the rest is pretty fine. Thank you for making it!

Windows / geospace - mutual attack ufo/fighter
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:58:42 am »
hi, observing massive lags when ufo and fighter are following e.o. mutually and attack starts. at the same time i cannot control anything anymore, just have to wait till battle is done (can take 2-3 minutes independent of preset speed).

might be problem can be solved if course recalculation is done in 30 s steps instead of way smaller ones (less than 1s).

build 2.4 / win 7 / 64 bit

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