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Discussion / Release 2.2 discussion
« on: January 13, 2008, 07:20:04 am »
So you got a new release, eh? So what? Wanna fight about it?

Let me put it this way: UFO:AI 2.2 is friggin' AWESOME!

See how it went for me: (This is what was in my brain at time of play, sorry for being so boring ^^

Installing game... Starting game...
  • Ok, so I downloaded 2.1 yesterday and found it pretty unadventurous compared to one year ago, this better be good...
  • Oh, they force/require to enter the name at the start! No Idea what that's good for, but at least now people are going to write their names.
  • Ah, language selection at the start, very good for the unfortunate mono-tongues out there who want to enjoy a nice game too!
  • Tooltips! Very usefull, concidering the unintuitive key configs of the x-com series (and consequently ufoai it seems)
Let's go to options...
  • Drop down menus! Much better than stupid clicking! And they drop down at mouse over too! cool!
  • Isometric mode? That must look ugly..
  • Alternative HUD? Let's check that out.
  • Centre view... Tooltips... 3D View!?! Allright!!
Let's start a game then...
  • Huh? Max. civilian deaths? Did they have that in xcom too? Well, more cash is better than little cash, right? Super easy it is!*presses start*
  • Meh, not-pretty text. So they mention terror, eh? "of the late 20th" sounds strange, "100 years" ago would be better I think
It starts...
  • So... why is the globe black? Haven't they figured out how to uv map it without making it ugly? well, whatever might be a problem with my system. And a ball is much better than this boring, static thingey they had before. Could use some moon/sun rotating (I know, the earth rotates, but The view is fixed after all) and stars!
  • *builds HQ* oh, so the base still looks this way... they should consider 3d maps instead of these not-very identifiable bitmaps.
  • *goes to hiring* so they removed the scientist's states, that's good, confused me a little back then. *tries to employ all scientists* what? not enough living quarters? Ah, so it's becoming a more mature game, eh? well, let's build some.
  • *goes to research* what? not enough research stations? Well, let's build some... Not enough cash? This is getting serious! ^^ Ima go dump some equipment then..
  • Cool machine gun! Micro shotgun? Googles, cool! But why are pistols etc. close combat weapons??
  • *goes to hiring soldiers* So no more supermen/women? Allright, let's see... *collects a squad of 8*
  • *at aircraft* Equipt aircraft? What's that? *click* no waai! Thay have that implemented already?! neato
Oooh, first mission!
  • Nice map... but so biiiig. IIRC, the maps were always small in the beginning/at easy play level
  • Huh? Middle mouse click is not 'look this way' any more? dang!
  • crouching still is so slooooow
  • one of my soliders has near-zero hp, why didn't I get some info that she was shot?,...
  • this alternate gui is awesome!
  • lol, If I select a solider that stands, and then one that crouches, the standing figure will do the stand-to-crouch animation ^^
  • Ok, killed an alien, aimig is strange...
  • huh? Why can't I pick up an ammo type twice?
  • ?!?!?! Who is Phillip Cage? Why Will he be selected, even though I have him not in my team, if I stand over an alien corpse and try to pick up a plasma pistol? whaaat? ^^
  • damn, this map is huge
  • can't soliders jump down roofs? hm, 't be cool if they did that jagge alliance 2 thingey.
  • I aimed with the grenade launcher three fields in front of me, why did the grenade explode in my face?
  • and why can the aliens attack with the blades at a distance of two/three fields?...
  • nice footsteps, very subtle...
  • hehe, seeing what the units do in the window to the right is very informative, now I have something to look at while waiting for them to finish the movement
  • What is missing now is *hearing* the enemy...
  • Mission won, allright!
Back to base!
  • Hey, the winning music keeps playing... cool track!
  • It's still playing. oh well.
  • cool! I can zoom in and out the globe! but the ship stays the same size...
  • I have to *research* kera blade? come on!... well maybe it' won't take long
  • disassembling? Will this give me back cash or what... hm, I expected it to be reverse engineering... to support the scientists... by destroying one item of that kind...

PS: Me made screenies -

PPS: Seriously, there is this map, and no sight of my plane -_- random map-making problem?

Sounds and Music / sound license & sound resource page link
« on: January 01, 2008, 09:11:16 pm »
Hey there, I just had to take this game's article down Libregamewiki because it has strict rules about licensing (about like the Debian guys.) I hope the sounds which are according to the CONTRIBUTORS file cc-sampling plus licensed are the only thing non-free in the game now.

I recently found a sound resource, which features non-suckey licensed sounds. Here it is: (pd for public domain =) )

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