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Artwork / Random loading, defeat/victory etc screens?
« on: August 27, 2011, 08:12:03 pm »
Is there such feature or could it be done? Maybe some artists have interesting ideas, or even already created new images/renders for those screens.

Feature Requests / Simple specializations system
« on: July 29, 2011, 06:54:40 pm »
So, if a soldier have performed some amount of special actions on battlefield, he'll receive specialization.
Medic: soldier healed other soldiers five times (one mission with healing counts for one "medic point", that's my idea for now to prevent cheating, but mb this is unnecessary). Soldier will receive health bonus +10 and now medkits which he uses will heal slightly more health.
Medic, level 2, 20 medic points on top of those five, now hospital on a base with this soldier will heal/treat injuries faster.
Medic, level 3, 60 medic points, hospital will heal patients even more faster, bonus to health +25, bonus to all armor +5

Engineer: (when we will have UGVs), 10 repairs with repair kits (i presume we'll also have them), now he don't need those kits to fix UGVs (as if he received a tool belt with all the instruments he'll need), plus bonus to bullet ( +2) and explosion armor (+5, he received a flack jacket).
Engineer: level 2, 25 repairs, now he is giving a production bonus (like he's a worker, a really good one), can build turrets or plant mines or create a little robot, like a spy drone or something.
Engineer: level 3, 50 repairs, explosion armor +50 (he is so experienced with mines/well equipped, that he's not afraid of some "fireworks"), even bigger bonus to production, turrets/robot/mines will receive special ability or become stronger.

So, the basic system is:
[Battlefield actions] -> [Specialization] -> [Levels of specialization (Last level gives biggest bonus)]
Sorry for language errors, i'm writing this in a hurry, no time to spelcheck bb got to go hope you'll like it :)

Sounds and Music / Voice messages after some events on Geoscape
« on: July 28, 2011, 08:40:56 pm »
"Research has been completed/We've finished research" (same for production)
"Our labs are ready for new projects/One of our labs is ready for new projects" (when player have not set a new research for some time, like a reminder)
"UFO detected"
"UFO crashed"
"Our base is under attack!" (classic :))
"Alien operation detected"
"New message/New mail" (reminder to check your mail)
"Nation is pleased/not pleased (displeased)" (when relationship with any country changes)
Of course, some events happen really often (ufo detected), but i guess it is possible to set some timeout or "wait period".

What do we need:
A person with clear voice and some acting skills, plus a good microphone (or heavy editing).

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