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Feature Requests / Fun stuff for later...
« on: August 25, 2011, 09:23:28 am »
Not requesting this immediately, but just some food for thought in a later build. I thought it would be fun to insert little "easter eggs" in the game just so players can have a chuckle once in a while.
  • On December 25th, all aliens will be equipped with X'mas armor (equivalent to nano armor) which consists of a red fur-trimmed conical hat and a red fur-trimmed jacket. All aliens will also be equipped with kerr blades reskinned to look like candy canes and plasma grenades reskinned to look like gift-wrapped boxes. The x'mas armor can be researched and used by Phalanx agents but not produced in workshops.
  • Original X-com 1 screenshot on one of the monitors in Phalanx base defence missions

Artwork / Agent models and stances...
« on: August 11, 2011, 03:31:17 am »
I've been kinda bothered for a while now about the standing/crouching stances of Phalanx agents. It doesn't look very professional from a soldier point of view.

Standing: As far as I can tell, very few combatants in a combat zone actually stand/walk/move around a combat zone flat-footed and I think the character models should reflect this. They should be hunched over with knees slightly bent and rifle-butts cocked against their shoulder.

Crouching: Ok, the crouching I've seen so in UFO:AI so far makes the agents/aliens look like their gonna take a dump (squatting). No offense.  ;D Shouldn't it be more like kneeling on one knee? I suppose the giant feet of the nano armor might make the models look weird, but is it necessary design-wise to have the nano armor look like that?

Feature Requests / Reaction Fire
« on: July 11, 2011, 03:16:46 am »
Ok ok, before devs start rolling their eyes into their sockets  ::), I want to mention that I have searched the forums and I did take a look at the sourceforge dev post. I saw that some work is being done on being able to select the type of reaction fire. And so I just want to post some questions, more out of curiosity than anything.
-was it originally intentional for agents to only use snapshot in reaction fire?
-a bit off-topic but somewhat related. Why would anyone use the 7 TU version of the laser rifle when it is clearly inefficient (1 shot using 2 ammo)?
And a laser rifle rage:
1. 16 Ammo
2. Wave fire 5 times (3x5=15)
3. 1 ammo remaining
4. ????
5. Raaaaage... reload.

Discussion / Appearance of UFOs
« on: June 28, 2011, 02:34:14 pm »
Is it just me or is the number of UFOs appearing in 2.3.1 a tad too many? Seems OK in the first month or two, then it just goes nuts with one appearing every 18-24hrs. Missions get too tedious when every UFO left to their own devices result in alien terror sites. And most automissions with terror sites or harvesters fail.

Maybe tone it down a little?

Feature Requests / Soldier traits
« on: June 22, 2011, 07:46:17 am »
I read through a few posts that almost fit the concept of what I have in mind. But instead of necro-ing an old thread and derailing it, I decided to start a fresh one.

Similar to what szopen mentioned about wanting more "personality" in soldiers instead of indistinguishable grunts, how random traits for each soldier with a 1% chance of a second random trait (elites). I'm still trying to figure the appropriate values based on what I've experienced so far and trying to keep it balanced.

Possible traits:
Triggerhappy - Reduce TU cost of shot by 10%. Reduce accuracy by 10% and hard cap at 80%. (Can be crouching behind an obese Ortnok  in broad daylight and still only have 80% accuracy) NOTE: Not sure if a fixed value for TU cost reduction might be better than a percentile. E.g - reduce TU cost by 2 as opposed to reduce TU cost by 20%.
Ford tough (or ironman) - Reduce total TU by 20%. Take damage proportional to HP but hard cap at 80% reduction. (less HP, less damage taken)
X Specialist - Extra 5% accuracy and XP gain with weapon X. X=Close, Assault, Heavy, Snipe, Explosive
Fragorphile - Extra 30% damage with explosive weapons, less 30% damage with everything else. (Latin: fragor=explosion phile=lover)
PhD (suggestions welcome for this one) - Reduce TU cost for medikit by 25%(or 5 TU). Reduce XP gained by 50%. (because 10 TU reduction would be borderline broken IMO, unless medikit system is changed)
Athlete - Extra 20% XP gain for primary stats (Str, Speed, Mind?) and less 20% XP gain from weapon skills.
Emo - Access to special sound files when hit with examples like: "Why ME!?!", "Always the little guy.", *frustrated groan*, *whimper*, "So... dark.... "(death)
OK, that last one was a joke but I needed a change of pace.
Fast learner - Extra 5% XP gain all round.
Pyromaniac - Extra 20% damage with the flamer. (Would be kinda OP if it included incendiary grenades) Less 20% damage with everything else.
Hyper - Increase total TU by 20%. Increase morale adjustments by 40%. E.g - normal soldier loses 10 morale for getting hit, a Hyper-trait soldier would lose 14.
Brute - Extra 25% damage with melee, less 20% accuracy with ranged weapons.
Femme fatale - Extra 10% accuracy with sniper and close. Less 10% accuracy with heavy and explosive.

Here are some of the ideas I pummeled out of my head. To be honest, I'm not even sure if they can easily be coded in so feel free to whap me upside the head if they're too much work.

Feature Requests / New Grenade Launcher round.
« on: June 21, 2011, 12:36:31 pm »
I seriously spent 10 minutes wondering whether to put this post in Feature Requests or Design. But since there's other weapon suggestions here, I will put this here.

I basically want to suggest a napalm/incendiary round for the GL as a form of area denial. While mucking around release 2.3.1, I noticed walking into or ending your turn near flaming wreakage HURTS (well, my dude was unarmored at the time). And I figured since there's already coding for fire in the game, it wouldn't be that far of a stretch to code in player created flames. To balance it, maybe set a turn limit to how long it persists. I'd say 5-6 rounds is plenty.
The second part might be a little more difficult, burning actors (or character). Allowing flames pass from inanimate tiles/objects to pass ONTO an actor. Basically, walking into a flaming wreakage/napalm and walk back out a flaming torch. Which, if the actor survives long enough, is also passable to other actors. (Imagine a burning armored Ortnok charging your guys)

Now, to justify such a weapon. While I understand PhalanX is primarily a "secret" organization, I would assume it adheres to many unorthodox "as-long-as-it-kills-aliens" combat doctrines. And area denial IS a viable tactical consideration. A damage-over-time effect would be the next best thing since there's no such thing as suppressive fire in UFO:AI (i.e - force enemy combatants to remain in cover with liberal cover fire).

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