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Feature Requests / Default gamma is too low
« on: April 18, 2012, 07:30:02 pm »
I see there have been posts about gamma problems going back several years, but it appears nothing has changed.

On my current-generation 13" MacBook Pro (Intel 3000 graphics), I have to increase the game's gamma to roughly 75% of its maximum setting to see things adequately, even during daytime. I don't mind that, but it causes all my other windows to be washed out until I quit the game or lower the gamma. This is a nuisance.

I suppose there's no way to have a custom LUT for the game (but maybe I'm wrong?), but surely the game's images can be matched better to the other windows. None of my other apps present this problem.

Bugs prior to release 2.4 / Minor automatic resupply bug
« on: April 15, 2012, 07:47:30 pm »
Soldiers get resupplied with ammo & Medikits automatically, if I've purchased sufficient spares beforehand. However, if I check the soldiers first, realize something is short, and THEN purchase the additional items that are needed, automatic resupply doesn't work. I must move the items into the soldier's belt or backpack manually.

The idea of allowing users to create equipment templates was first proposed in 2006, according to the Sourceforge tracker. It's an excellent idea that would greatly reduce the tedium of re-equipping soldiers, one item at a time, every time a soldier must be replaced due to injury. (For me, this is necessary before almost every mission. I rarely send injured soldiers on missions or am able to Medikit everyone to 100% before the end of each mission.)

But the tracker shows it's assigned to "Nobody/Anonymous." Is this simply because no one has volunteered to take it on? I can understand that it's not as important as fixing bugs, or perhaps as fun as adding other planned features, but it would improve the game's playability a lot, in my opinion.

Tactics / Soldier's view of battlescape?
« on: April 11, 2012, 06:08:01 pm »
I've been playing the OSX 2.4-dev recently after being away from the game for awhile.

I seem to remember that there used to be a way to view the battlescape from each soldier's perspective. But I can't find a command for that in the Key Bindings, or anywhere else. Is my memory faulty, or was this feature dropped?

BTW, I *finally* realized that the "HUD" is the user interface for the battlespace. I think "HUD" is a misleading name because -- for those familiar with real-world HUDs (and HMDs) -- it implies a display for the soldiers (like the NVGs), used mainly for aiming weapons.

Mac / Corrections to instructions for compiling Mac non-universal 2.4-dev
« on: January 20, 2012, 07:16:44 pm »
I compiled a non-universal version of 2.4-dev on my 10.7.2 system for the first time last night. I offer the following notes for the benefit of people who are inexperienced with UNIX/Darwin, compiling programs, etc. but are nonetheless brave enough to try following the "Non-universal binaries" instructions at .

1. In Step 2, the text that starts "Edit the SDL_config.h..." can be ignored. You won't find the files or folders it speaks of, and the relevant file has been corrected already. Just cut and paste the 3 "sudo port" etc. commands into Terminal, press Return, and all will be well.

2. Before starting the "Compilation" section, you'll need to edit your .profile. This is because UFOAI compilation needs some paths that are not taken care of for you by the MacPorts installation process.

If you don't know what I'm talking about: (a) Download TextWrangler (freeware) from ; (b) Use its File > Open to navigate to your home folder and enable its "Show hidden files" option; and (c) Open the ".profile" file you should see now so you can edit it.

Toward the bottom, substitute this export command: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin:opt/local/sbin:opt/local

Save the file, quit Terminal, then relaunch Terminal to make the new PATH operative.

Now, the "make" commands should execute without errors. You should also be able to compile newer versions of UFOAI without editing .profile again, i.e., this is a one-time fix.

Mac / Question re. compiling 2.3.1 for PPC/OSX 10.5
« on: February 11, 2011, 12:58:23 am »
Step 2 of the instructions under "None universal binaries" at say "Edit the SDL_config.h in both the ppc and i386 directory."

But I find only one copy of SDL_config.h on my system. It's in /opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources etc./work/SDL-1.2.14/include. There are numerous ppc and i386 folders on my system, but none seem to be associated with SDL. The config file does seem to contain the BYTEORDER code that needs to be commented out, though. Is this just an error in the directions?

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