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After noticing one of my bases failing to engage any near by UFO's with its defences I investigated further, and after trying to destroy one of the SAM buildings in the base menu a message appeared saying 'Cannot destroy buildings while base is under attack!" also the Buy/Sell option is blanked out and unusable, but I'm still able to transfer things back and forth. I also seem to be able to launch interceptors just fine from the base. The Base in question has no labs or factories, and no soldiers. In the Geoscape the base appears to have a small red ring around it, which I presume is to show its under attack. But I cannot seem to be able to launch any missions to there with my drop ship and soldiers, I have yet to try and destroy the base completely but I would like to avoid this action if possible

I'm not sure if this is an actual bug or I just haven't worked out how to send soldiers to rescue the base.

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