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i played 2.5dev with 2.4 save game, after the update to 2.5 i detected that my granade launcher can only shoot single granades and no more tripple fire.

When i start a new campain there i can choose between the different difficult level, what exactly means this? the fight between airships and ufo's or the combat in battlescape or both?

and my other question is about the news, i read in the news message (Monthly update for April, 2012) and i found a intresting thing about the AI improvement (AI checks now also for clear line-of-fire before shooting).
Are the news infos (Monthly update for April, 2012) from 2.5dev or from 2.4? or 2.4dev? and how can i download it?

Bugs prior to release 2.3 / Ufo suddenly invisible, bug?
« on: July 16, 2010, 04:57:36 pm »
i spotted on my geoscape a ufo, but after he is in my range from my rockets (base defense) i cant see it no longer... is this a bug or a feature (stealth)?

ufo2.3 rev 30745

uploaded my savegame

The new revision messed up. there is no way to finish any missions cause this bug happend everytime.
If i click on Finish round, that game crashed to desktop with error message.
This should be fixed with high priority.
here caps +log.

Bugs in older version (2.3.1) / 2.3 should go back to Dev
« on: July 10, 2010, 04:49:48 pm »
There are still alot bugs in the 2.3 rev 30745 stable (unstable version lol)
1. Today i fired some granates from granate launcher outside of the map.... random death for my save sniper. really awesome bug without any reason.
2. Crash to geoscape if i put some equipment from aliens to my soldiers equip its rare bug but it happen sometimes.
3. Buggy TU visual with plasma rifle, sometimes its show me i still got 16TU but i used them all.
4. game freezed on loading map Wood bungalow, happend random around every 4time for loading this map.
5. Aliens shoot against all possible walls.
6. Alien Reaction Fire activated though Walls (no Windows) if soldiers moved behind them.

i played today the tropical map and i saw the changes in the new version about the harvester ufo, i cant enter the second floor in the ufo cause there are no longer stairs o.O
im a little bid confused, i though you fixed that ufo?
when this is expected that are no stairs to the second floor, the aliens cant spawn on the second floor at least?

i post here now 2 screenshots but the brightness messed up, so i inverted the colours from the screenshots...

Bugs in older version (2.3.1) / wrong TU visual in HUD
« on: June 24, 2010, 08:27:28 pm »
i found out that my soldiers if they are crouch modus and i try to use all my TU's with 1 Turn... i cant use them with one command, i got allways 3TU's left.

To example my soldiers already in the creep-mode and i got 30 TU's to use... i send him to a wall and the HUD show me it would take  30TU's for that action... but its wrong, after he arrived, he crouches and i still got 3 TU's left... this happend in campaign modus.

I use Win32 2.3 official stable release on WinXP.

i got a big problem with my sarazene airplane. i can equip only rockets in my fighter, there is not a third slot (guns) for weapons like stileto.
i buyed and equipped sperber rocketlauncher 2x with alot rockets. in the fight the message comes that he is out of ammo and he have to fly back to base, exactly the same happends with TR-20 equip. i tried it many times everyfight the same message: out of ammo and he have fly back to base (i play the german version possible i translate some stuff wrong). i got a feeling that any kinds of rockets for airplanes or just for sarazene fighter are bugged.

btw the sarazene fighter is equiped with aimsystem and raven...

I've noted that the unit numbers across the top of the screen are blue , but 3 units died last mission befor. Only 1 unit is grey marked from the 3 missing units.

Windows / Video Settings from Ufo AI please help
« on: May 24, 2010, 10:49:20 pm »
Hi all, i need help with my video settings in game, cause i dont see no dynamic lights or light reflections from textures... im play the 2.3beta rev30111, i found a video where a guy shoot a rocket across the whole map ( ) and it looks awesome... but if im play this game it looks worst. :D
i dont know what i did wrong... i try to set all settings most high as possible but alot settings are confused, maybe someone post a screenshot for me with the best quality settings for video options please.

hello, i got a error after im changed the video settings and activated ONLY the Multisampling Buffer or swap interval. im use the latest version from Destructavator (TOPIC: Win32 Development Binary Installer page34) r30093 but i think its the r30045 but not sure. i got winXP and nvidia 7600 graphics-card... after the crash im activated extension limit in nvidia control panel but nothing changed still error message. i uploaded the error in attach.

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