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Discussion / Tweaks to the new UI
« on: August 04, 2014, 08:43:48 pm »
I'd like to make a couple of tweaks to the new 2.6 UI because there are a couple of minor annoyances that have cropped up.  Unfortunately I don't have the know-how to fix one of these issues, and the other is simply a matter of knowing where the number lies.

1: The boxes around inventory spaces have been removed.  I really just want to put them back in, or request that they be put back in.  If anyone can show me how to do it, or if the devs fancy putting the boxes back in, that'd be great.

2: Where do I find the number that alters the text colour?  It's probably easy to find, but I don't fancy buggering it up, or trawling through documents to find it.  The pale blue, combined with the teeny-tiny-typeface, makes it hard to read vital information like AP or health, especially on the pavement grey or snow white used in a lot of battlemaps.


3: How does one put the AP-left-note that used to come up when looking at your options, back into the game? I really liked the 2.5 addition of this little reminder of how much you'll have after performing the selected action.

I'd put these in modding, but they're just as much requests for the devs as they for help :D  Honestly, I'm only playing 2.6 because I'm testing if the game-breaking bug from 2.5 still exists, so I can get it fixed :P

Thanks in advance.

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