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User modifications / Lazy HUD v2
« on: March 12, 2017, 11:37:13 pm »
This HUD is an improved version of Lazy HUD, which originally made by homunculus.
Contain bugfixes and many new functions. For a comparsion the source code of
hud_lazy2.ufo file is three times longer than in v1.

Download Lazy HUD v2 here.

New features:

-Bleedings are displayed with numeric values also next to body part icons.
 Sum of bleedings are appear in big red numbers on the heads of the team.
-Hit counters are added to selected solider panel and over TU bars of small
 solider heads, up to 11 hits, which mean the maximal accuracy improvement
 in a mission. To increase it you must manually right click on the fired
 weapon after every successful hit when you heard grunt from the enemy.
 Press middle click on the weapon if you want undo a mistaken right click.

-Skill specific hit counters will increase also. Color is green from 4 hits
 due to more hits will not give more xp using the same skill within a mission.

-Stength, Speed and Mind skill bars are added to selectedSoldier panel.
 Exact skill value is displayed also if the mouse is over a bar.

-Accuracy percent with the current weapon is added into the top right
 corner over the weapon (middle value between accuracy and weapon skill).

-Aliens button draw lines to all visible aliens at once when clicked,
 right click show previous alien.

-Crouch button right click toggle 3TU reserve.

-Maximum of TU and HP bars are rased to the maximal possible values.

-HUD alignment is selectable from left, center, right and rightmost using
 the mouse wheel in settings button.

-Hide the whole HUD with right click on the settings button for screenshots.

-New compact lookout. :)

How to install

Extract the zip file into your personal "base" folder, which is
~/.ufoai/2.5/base in Linux, in Windows it is where you installed the game,
for example C:\Program Files\UFOAI-2.5\base\ .
Then start the game, select Options, Gameplay and change HUD Design to
Lazy HUD v2.

In details this you should copy the ufos/ui/hud_lazy2.ufo file into
~/.ufoai/2.5/base/ufos/ui in Linux, in Windows for example
C:\Program Files\UFOAI-2.5\base\ufos\ui, moreover all files from
pics/lazyhud2 folder into base/pics/lazyhud2 folder.

Optional files

The pics/hud- folder contain images for the default hud without
the thick border decorations. To enable it copy the content also
and remove the "-" sign from the "hud-" folder, so rename to "hud".
This is the way to clear the borders around inventory and physical
stats windows in LazyHUD due to affect both HUDs.

The previous subverisons of hud_lazy2.ufo are named to .ufo-xx,
these are here just for historical reasons but do nothing.

A known problem in Ufoai 2.5 only

Wounds displayed on the head models of soliders are not updated right at
medikit usage in Ufoai 2.5, due to need an event handler which is
introduced in 2.6. In 2.5 a sure way to update the wounds of all soliders
is to move the mouse into the info box of the selected solider and roll
the wheel through the whole team.


-Mouse wheel change solider on belt, holster, backpack and most buttons.
 Middle click popup the inventory window on these and on floor container.
-Default alignment of HUD is centered better when there are at least 10
 soliders on board. This help to the fixed buttons in the bottom right
 corner do not cover the reaction fire icon of the secondary weapon.
-Click on reactionfire shield next to a fire mode select this mode
 to check the reaction shield at bottom also.
-Clear reactionfire points from main shield button when change solider.
-Fixes in bleeding display for Ufoai v2.6.
-Source code simplification.

-Maximum of TU and HP bars are rased to the in-game maximums (59 and 255).
 This is needed due to I can not read the acual values when the HUD loads,
 just after a mouse event fired, causing no bar at all if the first solider
 start with more points than a lower maximum.
-Added even more call of update_max_hp_tu for a bit better support in the
 case when you lower these maximums in confunc hudenable to get longer
 bars with rookie soliders, but in this case you should raise back when
 the best solider step over it else the bar will not be shown instantly at
 the start of missions, just after the first mouseover or similar events.

-Skill specific hit counters appear on small solider heads also to help in
 checking through the team which solider should make more hits.
 Now the selected solider panel show these also below each other.
-Accuracy skill value is white, weapon skill bars got cyan color.
-Big red numbers on heads show the sum of bleeding wounds on all body parts.
-The hud_updateactorwounds called in many places as an attempt to reduce
 the bug when the wounds displayed on the heads of soliders are not updated
 right at medikit usage. This affect Ufoai 2.5 only due to an event handler
 which is introduced in Ufoai 2.6 can solve this.
-Maximum of skill specific hit counters is raised to 11. Will show * over 9
 on the small heads due to no room for more than a single character there.
 Color of these numbers will change to green from 4 due to more hits using
 the same skill will not give more xp for the same solider within a mission.
-Skills of new weapons in Weapon mod of AntJam are added to the list.

-Max. values of TU, HP morale and stun bars are increased dynamically.
-Accuracy percent with the current weapon is added into the top right
 corner over the weapon (middle value between accuracy and weapon skill).
-Hit counters now cleared properly between missions.

-Mouse wheel on skill specific hit counter in the top left corner on weapon
 can temporary change the skill to be able to check the counters of other
-Debug panel is added to middle click on settings button. This display
 the values of cvars and node properties which can help to fix problems.
-Bugfix against "can't remove static nodes in actions@removeAllChild":
 due to removeChild does not work, now not create new child when exist.
-Improvements in hit counter codes.

-Skill specific hit counters added, up to 4 hits for each skills.
 Due to the skill of a weapon is not queryable, an internal skill lookup
 list is added for the known weapons. But any new weapons added in the
 future will need additional lines.
 Grenade launcher need an additional manual change of skill type via
 right click in the number in the top left corner over the weapon picture
 if loaded with flechettes, which use close skill and not explosives
 due to the script currently can not read the type of the loaded ammo.

-Fixed a bug when ammo is in hand.
-Fixes for the reactionfire TU display.

-Fixes for the hit counter feature.

-Hit counter is added to selected solider panel and over TU bars of small
 solider buttons, up to 11 hits. To increase it you must manually right click
 on the fired weapon after every successful hit, when you heard "argh".
 Press middle click on the weapon if you want undo a mistaken right click.
-HUD position is refined for each number of solders from 1 to 16.

-HUD alignment is adjustable with wheel on menu button instead of moveZone.
-Code cleanup.

-Autohide removed, floor is over buttons.
-The small solider team buttons are rearranged into a single long line.
-No next music button, use right click on menu button instead.
-Rightmost HUD alignment is added.

-Menu, round and zone buttons are moved to the bottom right corner.

-Change solider with mouse wheel on skill bars also.
-Better reactionfire button handler.
-A help for double shot fire mode, gray it out if only one ammo left.

-Show numeric value of bleeding next to body part icons.
-Unhide a bit ealier near the bottom of screen.

-Show numeric value of skill bar when pointed with mouse in solider panel.
-Better handling of hidden hud.
-Backpack lookout is changed a bit.

-Fixes on alingment, hide and autohide features.
-Lookout adjustments.

-HUD alignment to right is available.
-Lookout fixes.

-Changed numbers on small solider panels to less by one to fit with hotkeys.
-Alignment of HUD is adjustable with mouse wheel also.
-Compact lookout with smaller buttons.
-Unhide over stun bar also.

-Fix of autohide to do not clash with HUD alignment.
-Unhide is called on TU bar also.
-Anoher rename (actionListener2) to do not clash with lazyHUD v1.

-Many HUD items are placed on autohide panel which slide up/down at the bottom.
 Vertical position is adjustable with mouse wheel on resque zone button.
 Right click on nextMusic button can toggle autohide.
-Hide the whole HUD with right click on the settings button for screenshots.
 Only a small "hud" button will be on screen which will show the HUD again.

-Stength, speed and mind bars are added to selectedSoldier panel.
-Aliens button draw lines to all visible aliens at once,
 right click show previous alien.
-Crouch button right click and wheel toggle 3TU reserve.
-Weapon left click execute action (aiming crosshairs) as well as right click.
-TU bar background color changed to black.
-Smaller head models.
-Toggle alignment of HUD to left or center with right click on resqzone button.
-Fix a bug which bring up settings screen at every second solider selection.
-Fix reactionfire button to stay inactive when only 3TU is reserved for crouch.
-Components are renamed (like cmpAction2) to works in parallel with lazyHUD v1.

I hope you will enjoy the features of Lazy HUD v2. :)

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Feature Requests / Smooth encumbrance system
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:49:09 pm »
In Ufoai 2.5 soliders suffered -12TU over 50% of the maximum weight of equipments and this is the same up to 100%. Imho not the best that a 40kg pack allow the same speed than 20.1kg.

The simplest solution would be a new highest level of encumbrance, for example -24TU over 80% weight. In this case the kg could be red in the inventory screen.

The encumbrance modifier of strength skill could be the same as now (0.4) to prevent faster improvement, or anything what developers like, I will accept the decision. :)

Update: I attached the solution of the smooth encumbrance system discussed below in a zip file to this post. I also uploaded a patch into the issue tracker.

User modifications / Double Shot mod
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:47:35 pm »
Hi All!

I added a few new fire modes in the attached files. There are two variants of this mod:
  • first is for experienced or strict players where changes are small and balanced,
  • "Easy" is for new players or for those who wants more new possibilities.
I quote some lines from the included readme.txt as an introduction.

Double Shot and Fast Aimed Shot: new fire modes in UFOAI 2.5+

Many weapons which lack of burst modes get a new Double Shot mode,
like the solider press the trigger twice, aiming to the same target.
Double modes are already in Flamethrower and Stun Rod, now in more
weapons also. Need less TU than two snapshots but less accurate.

Fast Aimed Shot also can save a few TU for the cost of less accuracy.

Weapon specific notes

1. Pistol

Double Shot need 7 TU, save 1 TU over two snapshots but less accurate.

2. Particle Beam Pistol

Double Shot mean 2*70 damage for 11 TU, a good damage/TU ratio.
Note in the hand of your enemies also.

3. Riot Shotgun

Double Shot can save a TU and offer the original inaccuracy.

Refined Shot is an attempt to aim but the big recoil prevent low
spread, this is why not called to aimed shot. Moreover get some
bonus when crouched making this weapon usable, just keep in mind
that the maximal range is 20 squares only.

4. Sniper Rifle

Get a reactionfire-enabled Fast Aimed Shot which fill the gap
between snapshot and aimed shot, accurate up to medium range
for 18 TU. Useful when you need just one more step.

There is no double shot mode in sniper weapons. Not so fit for
these slow rifles, moreover a bug prevent to set the throughwall
parameter: always fire 3-5 shots instead of the wanted double
when throughwall is over 0 so no double mode with snipers.

5. Coilgun

Fast Aimed Shot need 20 TU, you can do two more steps or crouch if
the target is enough near to use it instead of an aimed shot.

6. Electromagnetic Rifle

Fast Aimed Shot offer usable accuracy for 21 TU (aimed need 3 more).

7. Grenade Launcher

Double Shot is useful with grenades due to do the splash damage
compensate the lower accuracy.

Flechettes already set to use multiple shot, this technical reason
prevent me to add double shot with this ammo. This also the reason
why no double shot in Micro shotgun which can load flechettes only.

8. Electro Laser

Get Double Stun Shot for almost double TU with less accuracy.
Also offer a slow Aimed Stun Shot with somewhat better odds.
Still need many hit to stun a strong enemy and unusable against
Hovernets and Spiders.

How to install
Copy the next files from the attached into ~/.ufoai/2.5/base/ufos in Linux,
in Windows C:\Program Files\UFOAI-2.5\base\ufos or where you installed the game.

Enjoy! :)

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