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Feature Requests / Re: Real-time on UFO: AI. Is it worth the effort?
« on: July 25, 2015, 11:25:10 pm »
And the maps would need to be redone I think. The weapons in this game are powerful and most of the encounters with the enemy happens in close quarters and medium range. So, in the first seconds of combat 2 or 3 soldiers would die.
That problem could be actually easily solved by starting each battle already paused, with units ready for commands. Or slightly adjusting spawn locations of aliens. Or even do it a 'hacky' way and simply make aliens not immediately realize and proceed to Phalanx/civilisan locations for the first few seconds. Or combination of the above.

Feature Requests / Re: Real-time on UFO: AI. Is it worth the effort?
« on: July 24, 2015, 02:47:36 pm »
Together with the cool armors and weapons of UFO AI too. I don't know you, but I think the X-COM Apocalypse armors and weapons are really really ugly.
Maybe, though the latter doesn't really affects my point since, like you've pointed out, in hypothetical even if unlikely scenario where UFO:AI would get real-time mode, the weapons and armor would stay the same rather that imported from X-COM: Apocalypse.

My statement is not referring to so-called real time games with a feature-rich pause function. The UFO:AI geoscape mode is a primary example. These are de facto turn based as well.
Thanks for clarification. My point touches upon those games because in the context of OPs post, that's how most of the real-time tactical squad games work - with active pause.

These are de facto turn based as well.
I would have to disagree with that claim as no one takes turns but the player uses the pause whenever to alter commands followed immediately upon unpausing by all sides and units simultaneously. But that's a side matter and slowly going off-topic.

The point I tried to make, to reiterate is that - I believe - real-time battles as done in X-Com: Apocalypse or even Fallout Tactics (a game which would be really great if not whole slew of bugs and pretty railroaded, simplistic story) would work quite well for many players of UFO:AI but at the same time it would be probably a lot of work - and it won't happen without some skilled, ambitious community member coding and sending the devteam a patch allowing such.

Feature Requests / Re: Real-time on UFO: AI. Is it worth the effort?
« on: July 22, 2015, 12:34:51 pm »
Why would anyone want to have that anyway. This game is not finger skills or hardware capabilities based.

While I can agree that it may not be worth it for UFO:AI as it'd most likely require a lot of work and restructuring certain mechanics, I can say that I am pretty sure there'd be quite some players wanting real-time with active pause option - games like X-COM: Apocalypse pulled it very well, offering certain tactical maneuvers due to simultaneous movement and coordination of several units and certain better-looking battles (without need of additional effects increasing considerably hardware demands) that turn-based gameplay doesn't allow too well.

Discussion / Re: Is this game going somewhere ?
« on: June 10, 2015, 12:24:21 am »
With games like this, developed and available free of charge "more" can often be expected, but "soon" is a bit of a stretch. The work progresses tiny bit further nearly every day, however.

Feature Requests / Re: Cured from XVI alines to join PHALANX
« on: June 02, 2015, 04:27:38 am »
Well I actually always thought that if an alien was to be cured from XVI they would be completely vegetative, as their mind was never able to develop, what with being no doubt infected since they were cloned (so no not even newborn-like mentality for them, at least in my head canon)
Actually, if I think logically I don't see why it'd be so. Aliens do not develop personality or have a wealth of their own experiences, but such is the case of a newborn baby - and in fact, if hypothetically it'd be possible for such alien to be cured and rehabilitated, I would find it quite believable they'd be able to access memories and experiences from when XVI was in command. Their bodies are being used, after all, including their brain - by said XVI, granted, but they seem to perform many of the same functions an uninfected individual's brain would. They're infected and through that infection psionically united collective, not a bunch of meat puppets possessed by some demons working efficiently no matter the damage to their internal organs.

Feature Requests / Re: Cured from XVI alines to join PHALANX
« on: May 27, 2015, 03:33:20 pm »
"The (healed) subject exhibits infantile behaviour -- it has little control over motor functions, struggling to walk, and acts frightened of everything that moves." - Not exactly the help Phalanx needs imo.
If one would like to be bratty, they could claim that performance of some of the fresh, low-stat recruits suggests standards low enough that above behavior fits right in ;).

More seriously, yes, fluff-wise the aliens aren't salvageable even if cured (or at least aren't without lengthy, probably years long rehabilitation). Though frankly, just as a nice gimmick, I don't think it'd be bad if there'd be slight chance to get a bit more resilient alien individuals - potentially single among hundreds - as an anomaly that retains some limited sapience and can be included as a regular trooper. It wouldn't disturb the balance much or require new assets but provide some novelty at the cost of some small addition to the code.

However, this would also lessen the player´s need to develop and deploy new technologie.
To chip in - I don't think there's any risk of that.

Not developing/deploying new technologies will still be as grave in consequences as ever for average player as most of the gameplay revolves around one shooting down alien ships and sending out troopers to some alien incursion sites - and those will work the same no matter if player will decide to make a dropship-in-transit land or not, still depending on new developments to the same degree.

In fact, in average gameplay of mine a situation when a dropship is both endangered and with no chance of getting back to base before being intercepted happens so rarely, that being able to land before either of above situation would happen would hardly affect balance in general, while being quite a nice last-ditch option for the times when it does happen (with a side bonus of it being useful when the player simply has bad luck and an alien interceptor spawns just the dropship).

Discussion / Re: Quick Question: Do missions eventually go away?
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:34:20 pm »
Yes, new missions pop up and old disappear after some time if you won't want to engage the enemy. Be warned though that disappearing missions - if I am not mistaken - are counted as lost affecting organisation's standing with the country the operation was to be performed in.

Discussion / Re: Feedback on 2.5
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:32:28 am »
To comment on a few points:

Recruits - I would like game fluff to more directly explain the selection of potential Phalanx members. The fact that sizeable group of soldiers died in Mumbai in itself (which bit of background also should be reconsidered as it overblows a bit strength of the aliens to what turns out happens during the gameplay) is hardly a good explanation why the rest of the world can now offer only a bunch of largely inept recruits, often mediocre even by the standards of typical military (as I assume that's what those are based on since they are available before Phalanx begins operations to make it's own standards and evaluation).

Simply mentioning that due to security concerns for what is beyond regular black ops, fitting background, attitude and mental/emotional characteristics is a priority would be good. Or even saying that there are many soldiers that fit high standards for potential Phalanx fodder but their respective governments are reluctant in offering informations about them, yet alone give them away as the threat is global and they'd like to keep some skilled personnel for their own military operations.

Reaction fire is improved since the last major release but I have to agree, it's still convoluted and unreliable enough that it's often better to use the remaining TU to hide the soldier or attempt one more shot at slightly subpar angle/accuracy rather than wait till the enemy moves to a bit more convenient position - as it often means that it'll simply shoot the soldier without provoking the reaction fire.

Aliens starting near the dropship is not the best idea from the standpoint of gameplay unless Phalanx always gets the first shot and is certainly questionable from the standpoint of realism. Even IRL, modern helis usually have at least some way of clearing the area before landing (on-board machinegun etc) or they land somewhat away from the enemy.

Landing next to them is a bit more understandable in case of missions where the alien ship is crashed to prevent the few able aliens left to leave the place or secure the area.

Speaking of crashes, there really should be an increased chance of sizeable number of ship's crew dying with them leaving bodies near the crash site at the beginning of the tactical round, at least in case of battle-oriented or smaller units like fighters - not only player deserves such boon at times after prolonged dog fight in the air, but it's also more believable than 'they have REALLY good seatbelts' when the ship is bunch of burning bits strewn all over the place.

AI doesn't particularly bother me. In fact, aliens already seem to have suspiciously high stats at times given their long-range accuracy with close-range firearms (I would never guess that blaster was meant to be used like a shotgun, aliens had no problem employing it as an artillery support) and number of TUs (though here one may argue that they are simply far less burdened by their equipment).

Certainly, I am not fond of increasing their stats even higher; that really actually doesn't give impression that they're smarter - typical player will still notice erratic pattern of movement and questionable actions, but there will be more to actually complain and get irritated about when aliens will pull some 'run around the block, shoot two soldiers and then take a sniper bullet to the unprotected head with a grunt and a shrug' superhero routine. Say what you want about some tough skin and subdermal armor, for me it sometimes feels more like comicbook supervillains who forgot their dark capes more than scary soldiers of alien invaders (and cliche, colorful taman super sentai-styled armors certainly do nothing to alleviate this impression).

Not sure about the difficulty on hard - yes, it may be tricky but the core problem here i not really winning missions from the get go as much as creating proper radar coverage as it's the aliens who went undetected that usually are the reason behind nation's lack of support.

Rest of the OPs points I have little of a reason to comment on, with exception to hivemind and seeing-through-walls behavior suggestions.

I'd be very careful with implementation as it will disturb the balance considerably as well as possibly give more of an impression that AI is simply crude and the system uses unfair exploits in deciding it's actions. In addition, that may be in already in to an extend because of how AI actually works - use infrared goggles and look at aliens on the other side of some wall and then keep observing them when moving - you'll notice that they actually follow the soldier as if being able to spot him/her through the wall, just too stupid to do much else about it.

Feature Requests / Re: Building Upgrades
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:14:56 am »
In all honesty, while I don't feel strongly about stuff like additional equipment for facilities and so on, I can say that such could make the game better, not simply easier. I understand that it's not base-building sim, but any element that allows customization and adds to the feeling of progression is nearly always adding to enjoyment for average player as long as it also doesn't add too much complexity - and it's mostly such complexity and in-depth management that makes a difference here.

The only problem with such I'd see would be amount of work necessary to add such gimmicks, which gameplay enhancement may be simply too feeble to warrant.

If it wouldn't take too much work and there would be more facilities which are basically improved versions of what we have now, I'd like an option of refitting/upgrading them at a slightly cheaper price/faster completion rate in comparison to building some from scratch, though..

Telling people to play some flight simulator or go out when they simply argue for some feature on the basis of realism - which they may enjoy, even if others won't and which is somewhat fitting point in the game that does put some worth in it is rather uncalled for, if not simply rude - the same it'd be if someone would tell players who don't care about realism in UFO:AI to quickly leave the game forever and play random surreal arcade platformer instead. Such suggestions never solve the problem, being simple 'if you like something like that, go away'. Especially since the suggestion mentions realism as the reason why it'd make sense, but isn't made just for the sake of realism, as it could add to the fun for some in general.

Gave up quickly because of trying to get into a mindframe of a player who just arrived here to talk a bit about the game. The answer can be found, but - explanation as follows:

The problem with the question is that many new users, especially those who just discovered the game and have little of knowledge (or care) for people surrounding it's development and community quite probably won't feel like being arsed into checking out which/what Duke is meant and then seek answer.

Some may have vague idea about development team, and be grateful to them for their work, but their former knowledge, experienced etc may make it hard for them to actually understand the question properly (I also, for a couple of seconds, just thought of and tried to recall character of Duke Nukem series).

Majority of the users, while they develop contacts over time, start simply as people who want to share something/ask/talk about the game they've started playing. Thus, I'd say that the question is quite unfitting, even if effective for stopping bots as it's not tailored for them and their knowledge. Ideally, it should be something most players of the game will get to know without need for searching around for the answer.

Feature Requests / Re: A few ideas for bases
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:14:12 am »
Fluff-wise, all civilian personnel gets evacuated shortly before/during alien landing/drop, with all but up to 12 marines serving as additional escort. The first part is only slightly stretching the suspension of disbelief, the latter - quite more so. But that's how it was explained in the past.

Tactics / Re: 2.5 DEV How to enter a Fuel Depot??
« on: September 13, 2013, 09:02:05 pm »
Yup, it's completely scripted item. I think I even got a situation once with alien standing near the gate during explosion and either getting not damaged at all or simply shrugging the weak explosion off.

In all honesty, I'd rather have the gate to be just regular prop that can be destroyed by any kind of explosive instead of having to get special item, serving no purpose but taking care of that one gate on that one map.

Discussion / Re: An Open Letter to the Developers
« on: September 13, 2013, 07:06:54 pm »
On the note of soldiers being mediocre, it's a matter of perspective. Let's look at it like this: Let's say you are recruiting soldiers from Army Rangers. Compared to civilian police, they are elite. Compared to all the other troops you are recruiting, or what you need, or what they could be, they are not very good; average or mediocre.

That would be a good point if it would be relative. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the game, often one's average fresh grunt is mediocre while your best sharpshooter is merely decent. Coupled with the actual performance on the battlefield, it leads to assumption that stat description is general and a trooper who is good at something, is good when compared with completely untrained, talentless civilian, not when compared with experienced veterans.

Discussion / Re: Notes from veteren XCOM player after his first UFOAI game
« on: September 13, 2013, 06:56:32 pm »
When you say "all the research", do you mean you're waiting on something new to arrive to research? What kind of UFOs and weapons are you facing?
Given he states he never got to the point of having no available research topics, possibly because he's not aggresive enough in pursuing research, I'd assume he just means that he's surprised by OPs mention of no research available in August. I suspect it's just one of those things that was ironed out in current 2.5.

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