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Hi altogether...

after experiencing some crashes with the windows version i finally got the linux version to run.

first try was with ubuntu 12.04 where it was horribly slow (perhaps due to false graphics drivers), on mint 13 (based on ubuntu 12.04) it performs well playable


1) the sounds seem very different from the windows version. i only hear the shooting-sound, but neither the impact (or explosions), nor aliens screaming...

2) in windows the floor textures are highly resoluted, in linux they always have poor resolution, no matter which settings i try...

3) on multi monitor configurations the maximum resolution is the one of the lowest monitor and the game displays on every monitor... in windows, it uses only the main display, so on the other ones the desktop and programs placed there are still visible...

now my question: are those issues also present in the 2.5 linux versions?

unfortunately in windows the 2.5 is very unstable for me. i got perhaps 12-15 crashes in 2.4 in 2 months (realtime) gameplay and 3 crashes in less than 3 hours in 2.5, so i decided to stick with 2.4

but when these issues might be solved in 2.5 i'll give it a try with linux

unfortunately i'm not that into coding, that i might solve them for my own, but perhaps after improving some minor code segments (will try adding configurable keyboard shortcuts) i could help further, but this time i'm just about to start...

so i highly appreciate any help or idea, no matter if suggestions or recommendations!

thanks in advance!

Feature Requests / Re: Keyboard Shortcuts... & overall usability
« on: December 17, 2012, 09:30:27 am »
ok i c in 2.5 there are no more camouflage uniforms :-D

unfortunately i got 2 crashes in less than 3h gameplay so i think i'll stick with 2.4 and my campaign progress there until i start a new one when 2.5 is ready.

if i find usefull information how to implement the keyboard shortcuts, i think i'll go for a kind of personal 2.4.1 and contribute the code for 2.5 afterwards

so let's see how this could be done... :-)

Feature Requests / Keyboard Shortcuts... & overall usability
« on: December 16, 2012, 07:04:17 pm »
don't know if anybody mentioned this already, but i highly recommend and miss keyboard shortcuts.

what have they been for XCOM? edit: i think i've meant "jagged alliance" or another game like this...

like a for aim or sth...

i made a few thoughts especially about firing modes:

a for aim, a again for toggle through fire modes (nice to try out how's the percentage of hitting a target)
x for reactionary fire, x again for toggle through reactionary fire modes

i'd also love to see some more keyboard shortcuts throughout the whole game, like visiting different bases on geoscape or when equipping soldiers to assign different weapons or especially the camouflage design (or perhaps at least an "assign to all" function)

i think that'd please a huge amount of XCOM round based shooter fans... in that former times we used to use keyboards excessively, if i remember right :-)

disclaimer: i'm just downloading the 2.5, perhaps there have been made improvements... my ideas base on my experiences with 2.4

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