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Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: Stunning and killing stunned aliens
« on: August 22, 2014, 05:57:35 am »
and yes stun damage heals over time and stunned units will 'revive' if that condition is no longer true

Interesting. I've never seen that throughout my campaign, but quite often I had stunned alien dying from bleeding.

Tactics / Re: 2.5 Early game builds+what effect the amount of TU's?
« on: August 19, 2014, 05:19:15 pm »
Had to go to skirmish to check that one. Looks kinda useless compared to MG. Same goes for the alternative AR...the Half-Life style shotgun looks cool though, but only for double shot.

Tactics / Re: 2.5 Early game builds+what effect the amount of TU's?
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:10:43 am »
Throughwall capability is simple. It is amount of walls projectile from weapon can go. Sniper rifles and bolters have 1, coilgun 2. Every wall reduces power of projectile, and solid blocks stop any projectile (like, say, walls of ground level part of corrupter). This also works for ceilings and floors, in fact my corrupter clearing tactic (something you'll do a lot in mid-late game) is to set up long range RF around entrance with my assault troops, and use several soldiers with sniper rifles/bolters/coilguns and IR goggles to take out aliens through the floor of the UFO.

Accuracy of elite soldiers can be insane. I have, in my campaign, soldiers capable of sniping aliens on the other side of dam map...with machinegun from standing position.

Tactics / Re: Money trouble
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:59:11 pm »
Sometimes I think the game is way too hard without a bit of abuse. Whether hire/fire cost avoidance, smoke grenade spam, or in my case, restarting the mission when losing a soldier.

Anyway. I disagree about keeping all UFOs for disassembly. Your workshops will run pretty much 24/7 anyway, and it's better to sell the shot down UFOs right away, instead of having to build extra workshops and UFO yards to keep up with the flood of UFOs. Besides, selling UFOs right away to some nation adds to its happiness, and more happiness means more funding. You can even sort the nations by happiness in UFO sell window. Just keep the landed ones and first of new type for research.

About bases...I run four. Main base near coast of southwest Anatolia, this covers (with advanced radar) whole Europe, part of India and most of Africa. Second is pure workshop next to it that also provides some SAM defenses, no radar there. Third is in North America (would have to look but I think I build it somewhere in Florida). Fourth is...Borneo or somewhere there, that covers area from India to Australia and south Asia. With radar bases at Siberia, South Africa and Argentina, I've got most of populated areas covered at reasonable expenses.

Money management is big part of the game. You have to think really hard about what you need. Workshops are useless except in dedicated workshop bases IMO because production is too slow. Similar for laboratories, although it's possible to build effective 2x interceptor/1x dropship/radar/research/SAM base, your main base should definitely follow that layout. Once you build advanced radar in a base, take down now useless radar facility so you don't pay for its upkeep. Don't stockpile ammo too much in advance...especially craft ammo is expensive and unless you are running out, not worth buying more as you'll be phasing it out anyway. Alien artifacts pay a lot, so think about those. Kerrblades, alien armors, plasma blasters are all useless once you research them. You'll be capturing far more plasma pistols, grenades, blades, rifles and rifle ammo than you'll ever need, you'll be phasing plasma rifles out eventually for EP assault rifles. And so on....

Tactics / Re: 2.5 Early game builds+what effect the amount of TU's?
« on: August 15, 2014, 11:57:47 pm »
Think about what you really need. While I tried carrying sidearms in my campaign, I found myself using them only handful of times, and only when primary weapon was totally unsuitable, like rocket launcher, flamethrower or grenade launcher. Armor, reload for primary weapon, medikit and few grenades are more important. Knives are totally useless...the only close combat weapon that has any use is plasma blade.

FAQ / Re: Laser weapons unbuildable
« on: July 24, 2014, 04:08:12 pm »
You do not have them researched.

The initial laser research only unlocks aerial laser cannon and base defense laser. Infantry weapons are available for research later when you get first suit of alien armor.

Discussion / Re: Soldier training
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:18:26 pm »
Yep, the speed of improvement is determined by mind stat and difference between current and starting value. Best observed when you change soldier's weapon type after he gained decent mind and weapon skill, you'll see the second weapon skill improving faster.

Discussion / Re: Soldier training
« on: July 15, 2014, 01:00:10 am »
I found that you need to keep a close eye on who you recruit. I filtered the pool every month (you can permanently dismiss a soldier by right clicking on the hire/unhire checkbox) and kept only soldiers that had 32+ strength, 20+ speed and accuracy and 30+ mind, and chose my teams from that. First few months were tight on soldiers, but then I had a good selection of soldiers that quickly grew into kickass colonels. But I agree, strength is definitely most problematic skill.

Discussion / Re: ufo yards don't work? 2.5
« on: July 15, 2014, 12:47:13 am »
Hm. I finished 2.5 and never had such problem. The only thing I can think of is that you haven't researched everything you need to disassemble the UFO. IIRC you need Alien Origins, then when you get the UFO you should get the research project UFO Theory, this unlocks the research of the particular UFO type you have in yard, and only after researching that you can start disassembling UFOs of that type.

I tend to centralize research too, although I might try building additional labs in my last base next time instead of more workshops.

My usual: Main base has 4 labs, 3 living quarters, houses 40 scientists, 16 soldiers (main team and replacements for injured ones) and 3 pilots (dropship and two interceptors), second is manufacturing base right next to it with 5 workshops, 3 quarters, 50 engineers and team of soldiers for defense, along with some base defenses. This provides AAA for main base and does all the disassembly. One dropship and one interceptor hangar are there just for manufacturing purposes. Second and third base are identical, 2x living quarters, 2x workshop for keeping ammo supply up (I spam EP ammo at late game), 2x interceptor, 1x dropship and usual complement of troops and pilots. There's enough space left for AAA. Workshop is the only base without radar. Using this and three radar sites, I can get good coverage of most populated landmass.

Discussion / Re: My 2.5 feedback
« on: June 21, 2014, 06:36:55 am »
I solved many situations like than in a different way. Grenades, sometimes, or rocket launcher when I needed the blast, or even throughwall sniper shot. I had no moments when I needed GL and nothing else would do, and its limited range and tactical inflexibility (sometimes the blast is a problem, not advantage) made it harder to use effectively.

I have used both GL and flamer through early to mid-lateish campaign, and kill ratios of the soldiers with them were far lowest from team.

Discussion / My 2.5 feedback
« on: June 19, 2014, 11:52:09 pm »
So, I've finished my 2.5 campaign on standard, and there are issues that need feedback.

The stat progression is now fast, but quite uneven. In the campaign, I had some ~60 missions, all done by one team, the second one was just getting ready when I hit the endgame tech. The assault skill is definitely fastest progressing, and I hit a few superhuman level assault troops, mostly thanks to machinegun. Strength was, on the other hand, biggest blunder, both as starting stat and in progression. On the beginning, only few soldiers are able to utilize combat armor without going over 50% weight, if I want to keep my options open by giving them at least medikit, few grenades and one reload (that's pretty much what I consider bare minimum once you get few months within game). Those few early recruits can get decent strength before armor, decent complement of grenades and medikits become necessity, but integrating new troops into team becomes horribly frustrating. Basically you end up with few supersoldiers that make up a core of unit, and high turnover fodder. And my attempts to give the soldiers "realistic" loadouts with sidearm, knife and spare reload for both needed exceptional and experienced soldiers.

Weapons and weapon stats. Well...assault skill seems to be the most important one. It's good to have a sniper or two around, but I found these to be mostly pulled into "throughwall" niche by late game. A big one, mind you, I was clearing corrupters by pinning down enterance with long range RF, and used snipers+IR spotters to shoot out aliens through the floor. Close skill is next to useless. Few weapons use it, and with exception of sidearms (that I almost never pulled out) they are quickly replaced around midgame at latest. Explosive skill is another niche, although a good rocketeer is useful from time to time. Grenade launcher is, with the omission of burst fire, useless as in most cases old good frag grenades or standard firearm do the job as well. This skill is mostly about grenades.
There is a lot of useless weapons. From starting human tech, I found little use for shotgun, GL, flamer and micro shotgun. Sidearms generally were pulled out only couple of times. As the game progressed....I tried to use plasma blaster, but its niche-8 TU ball shot-is simply too small to justify using it. Heavy laser was also of little use. By the time the extra punch per shot gets more useful than better TU/damage, clip size and versatility of laser rifle, I had better weapons already and soldiers that could effectively use them and didn't need laser's precision. Needlers are downright useless against anything with armor, and that is everything by the time they get deployed. PB are rare, powerful but they're, IMO, overshadowed by EP guns.

In the end, the weapon balance seems off toward humans. Early on, you are facing just sidearms, so your tech is better. Briefly, aliens have superior firepower with plasma rifle, but soon after that humans get the lasers, and balance is shifted toward them again. Then, as aliens get needlers, humans can effectively deploy EP weapons. Then, at endgame, it becomes a matter of who hits first. A full auto from EP AR kills any alien just as well as burst from PB rifle or cannon tears up a human. Frankly, it feels like aliens are trying to catch up with humans all the time, instead of the other way around. Like I said, only in one, quite brief, period I felt outgunned on the ground, and managed to quickly turn that around. Aliens beat humans on the armor though. But the endgame, armor stops only glancing shots. When someone, alien or human, takes it fully, it's adios.

Campaign pacing. Campaign is divided into few discreet epochs. I felt there's too few of them, and not well spaced out. The campaign went in a rush toward harvesters-both scout and fighter phases were too quick. Then, the game stopped for a few months. I was fighting the same battles, had time to research everything and upgun. After that, a brief phase with supply ships ensued, and next month I had a face full of corrupters. Before I had time to research most of the tech, I had a visit from bomber. Endgame. I didn't even get to deploy power armors and face gunships, the first UFO from this wave was a bomber right away. I know that alien progression speed is inversely proportional to your performance, the more you let them complete their objectives the faster they progress. I didn't miss much I think, because after first month my relations went just up, and I didn't lose any ground mission. Something probably slipped through my lacking radar coverage, but that was inevitable. By the time of endgame, I had only most of Americas, Europe, Africa, and bits of Asia covered, and was building another base that was to cover most of the rest of Asia and Australia.

So...I think this is needed at least: Aliens should get a new weapon-light plasma rifle-right away It should be more powerful, slower and longer ranged than pistol, while being weaker but more accurate than normal rifle, acting as light sniper support. Needlers should lead not to coilgun-leave that to heavy needler-but to advanced combat armor, something lighter and stronger than normal combat armor, but not as protective as nanocomposite armor, to help fielding new recruits. EP ammo should also wait until heavy needler or perhaps even medium alien armor.
For the alien waves. I think the early skirmishes should last a bit longer. Needlers should come a bit sooner, perhaps before supply ships. A bit longer time between supply ships and corrupters, and separate heavy needlers+medium armor+gunships to come before, not with, bombers and PB weapons.

Well, that's all for now, might have more to add later.

Windows / Memory leak, or just my ancient laptop acting up...
« on: June 19, 2014, 02:17:05 pm »
It was a long session, during which I have a nasty habit of alttabing...during last mission, there as a sudden FPS drop, game went very choppy, virtually unplayable. Some numbers and names weren't showing, apparently on random. This went on for ~30 secs, then game went back to normal, only to return to same thing a minute or two later. This cycle went on and on, until I finished the mission, then I saved, quit the game and now posting the bug...

I thought it might be just a problem with my computer, but this seemed to affect only UFOAI program. I have winamp playing on background, and it went smoothly all the time. I didn't try to alttab.

Anyway...the map was office complex, UFO...don't know how it's called yet, it looks like a bus, flies 1440 km/h and kicks like a mule. Couldn't bring it down using 5xSAM, two laser turrets, Saracen with 2x PB, Stiletto with alien launcher (AM missiles), PB and laser cannon. Attaching log and dxdiag.

Edit: it's 2.5-win32, April 14th release.

If you are talking just about money, then it's better to disassembly UFO and sell the parts.

However, selling it directly also earns you nation happiness, and does not keep your workers away from important projects.

Windows / Missing resolution?
« on: June 16, 2014, 12:10:33 pm »
So, I dropped in once again to check how's the game I installed 2.5 latest, and found an odd thing. In resolution selection, my screen's 1366x768, quite a common resolution for laptops, is missing. Is this an oversight, bug in installation or intentional?

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