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Sorry for that.
Quick checking of last topics is not as good as search function, lesson taken :)

Today I compiled fresh R2.3 sources hoping that buggy release is now polished enough to play.
Unfortunately skirmish map crash while loading.
Code: [Select]
2010/07/17 12:59:04 ==== InitGame ====
2010/07/17 12:59:05 SV_AssembleMap: Sequential map assembly in 877 ms
2010/07/17 12:59:05 CM_LoadMap: "-africa/af_ +craft_ufo_scout +craft_drop_firebird +empty1 +empty2 +house1 +house2 +house3 +house4 +house5 +fence1 +fence3 +misc1 +misc1 +house3" "0 -16 0 -24 -16 0 0 8 0 -8 8 0 16 -16 0 16 0 0 8 8 0 -24 8 0 -8 0 0 8 0 0 16 -8 0 -8 -8 0 -8 -16 0 16 8 0"
2010/07/17 12:59:05 Rerouted for RMA in   0.0s
2010/07/17 12:59:05 checksum for the map '+africa': 1658997690
2010/07/17 12:59:05 ufo script checksum 300262511
2010/07/17 12:59:05 Created AI player (team 0)
2010/07/17 12:59:05 Created AI player (team 7)
2010/07/17 12:59:05 -------------------------------------
2010/07/17 12:59:05 Connecting to localhost...
2010/07/17 12:59:05 connection attempt from loopback connection
2010/07/17 12:59:06 load material file: 'materials/africa.mat'
2010/07/17 12:59:12 added light, ambient=0.476837
2010/07/17 12:59:14 Starting the game...
2010/07/17 12:59:14 N has joined team 1
2010/07/17 12:59:14 music change to PsymongO4 (from van_theme)
2010/07/17 12:59:18 (player 0) It's team 1's round
2010/07/17 12:59:18 N has taken control over team 1.
2010/07/17 12:59:18 ********************
2010/07/17 12:59:18 ERROR: Unknown model type in R_DrawEntities entity chain: 0
2010/07/17 12:59:18 ********************
2010/07/17 12:59:18 Shutdown server: Server crashed.
2010/07/17 12:59:18 ==== ShutdownGame ====

full console log attached

The glow effect on the rifles in your "ufo04.jpg" screenshot look correct to me.  The lack of glow on the UFO itself indicates to me that either you didn't have the effect enabled, or you're missing the glow-textures for the UFO somehow.

I saw really cool effects of shiny metal surfaces and UFO glows with builds dated 2-3 weeks ago (or solid-black textures on models ;) ). Now it's only what you see on screenshots, and shots were taken with GLSL and postprocessing ON. Graphic settings screenshot has been posted too. Like I also said, all maps were rebuilded yesterday. I don't know if bug is related to rendering vs drivers or maybe to map compilation, but as you can see, something is definitely wrong. Maybe some nvidia users could post screenshots to compare?

The failure to load maps still has nothing to do with the shaders; whether they're on or off should have no effect whatsoever.

Yes, probably another missing tile. According to SVN logs:

r3058: added missing tile definition for craft_crash_scout (oriental theme)
r3059: and another missing tile (craft_ufo_scout)

It seems that harvester is still missing and one of the UFO types is chosen randomly while loading map and that's why it worked at second time (loaded scout in place of harvester which failed)

OK then, check yourself. Fresh build: 30543.
All maps was cleaned and rebuilded yesterday.

Graphic configuration:

Visual effect (map +ufo_crash skirmish):

Shaders disabled, game restarted:

What's interesting, map failed to load at first time with shaders enabled, from ufoconsole.log:
Code: [Select]
2010/06/16 15:02:52 ==== InitGame ====
2010/06/16 15:02:56 ********************
2010/06/16 15:02:56 ERROR: SV_AddMapTiles: Impossible to assemble map 'ufocrash' with assembly 'craft_crash_harvester'

2010/06/16 15:02:56 ********************
2010/06/16 15:02:56 Shutdown server: Server crashed.

Second try and map loaded fine.

Update: If that matters - this release is first which doesn't crash efter enabling multisampling. No visual difference here hovewer ;)

Attached to my first post.

Hello there! :)
I'm playing with this game for about a month now, and I'm trying to stick as close is possible to 2.3 branch, so I recompile game myself almost every day with fresh sources ;)
Unfortunately it seems that Raden HD series and this game doesn't like each other. I have seen a lot of graphical weirdness changing day after day until now, and they were always related to glsl and/or shadows:

- invisible earth on geoscape
- black textures
- glowing textures (like shaders on LSD ;)
- shaders disappearing after bazooka hit
- game slowdown with glsl shaders enabled BUT no shaders visible on map (disabling shaders in options tripled FPS without any graphical difference)

And that's not all! Enabling multisampling always make game crash while still in the menu (I have to alt-tab to find some cryptic error mesagebox to find that game actually crash).
So I've just give a try to fresh sources (hey, 2.3 is without -dev, yay!) What I find is:

- still no shaders visible but big fps penalty when enabled
- trying to begin mission with crashed ufo ends with nothing (go back to geoscape)

Are those OpenGL drivers by ATI/AMD so much badly written? :)

Some system spec:
- Phenom X4 9850
- dual HD4850 (CrossfireX)
- Windows Vista x64
- Ati catalyst 10.5 driver
- build: r30523
- game compile flags from make_UfoAI_win32.ini:
Code: [Select]

Can I do anything to help track those graphic issues?

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