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Bugs in development version (2.6-dev) / Some new BUGs
« on: January 07, 2020, 02:10:46 am »
I found some new bugs and you can see them in this video

1)Standard names of radar, base, aircraft disappear when you change the language of the game.
2)There are no radar circles when you build a new base ( windows 10 x64 with chipset Intel HD graphics )
3)Seve/ Load Bug . If you load a save game and then start a new game everything will be like in the old one game : base, research, aircraft, inventory  ranks soldiers etc.but the date of the game will be new one March 21)))
4)There is  a screen resolution 1366x768 , but there is no  screen resolution 1360x768->in this case, the right side of the screenborder is not active for the mouse.

I'll try to reproduce these here, but if you could upload the ufoconsole.log (and maybe some screenshots) generated the next time one of these bugs happens, it could help us track the problem down.
bug with fire particles

log after bug   

 I fired  a second grenade in the same place bug happened. After whis the line of fire began to disappear ,the sound of an explosion and a shot disappeared.disappeared line of movement.Only the grenadier was affected because only his grenades was bugged,but if other soldiers throw a grenade at this place then they will have a bug
P.S. sorry for my English ;)

Design / Grenades and Ammo
« on: February 21, 2019, 12:01:25 am »
 I will write this article when I have time.
This part will be about  Ammo .
      7.62mm Pistol , Machine Pistol ,Submachine Gun , Micro Shotgun and Flamethrower are very helpful at the beginning of the game , but in the middle of the game they are very weak.I have an idea how to fix it. After researching Alien materials need to add new bullet type to game. Bullets and Clips fom Alien Materials/Alloy. It will be clips with a dark green markLine and will have characteristics :

7.62mm Pistol
7.62mm P Magazine with Alien Alloys/Material (AA/AM)         Normal/Standart (N/S)
Weight:                                               0.3                                          0.2
Damage:                                              45                                           30
Spreads:                                            1.2/1.8                                     1.5/2                                             

Machine Pistol        
4.2mm PM Magazine                           AA/AM                                         N/S
Weight:                                               0.7                                             0.5
Damage:                                              30                                             20
Spreads:                                           1.5/2/3                                     2/2.5/3.5                 

Submachine Gun
SMG Magazine                                   AA/AM                                         N/S
Weight:                                               0.6                                            0.4
Damage:                                     20 for 1 bullet                             15 for 1 bullet
Spreads:                                           1.2/2                                        1.8/2.5

Micro Shotgun
Flechette Shells                                 AA/AM                                         N/S
Weight:                                              0.6                                             0.4
Damage:                                       180 or 200                                       160
Spreads:                                              3                                                5                   

Canister                                            AA/AM                                         N/S
Weight:                                                3                                               2
Damage:                                      190/380/380                              180/360/360
Range:                                                12                                              8
Time Units:                                    10/18/18                                    12/20/20
Spreads:                                          1/1/5.5                                      1/1/5.5

After researching Alien Alloys/Material will be available a new research of bullets with/from Alien Alloys/Material.
These bullets will have equal weight to standard ammunition but less volume due to it will contain more gunpowder.
Flamethrower canister walls will withstand extrohigh pressure of napalm mixture.

Positive Effects:
1)7.62mm Pistol , Machine Pistol ,Submachine Gun , Micro Shotgun and Flamethrower  will be good in the middle of the game.
2)There will be addition time to researche and produce laser weapons.
3)These weapons do not have plasm bullets/clips/ammo/magazine like other types of weapons.

I have an interesting discovery ,if you have two crash sides , after the first you fly the second (
without flying to base) all the grenades and ammunition you have already used  ,do not disappear  at the second  crash side . I used 2 of 2 frag grenades, but they again appeared in the second crash side . I think that  the inventory is updated only on the base , not after the battle.

P.S. All AirCrafts have containers with ammunition , so it can not be sold when it is equiped.
if such  containers  will be for soldiers ? I think there will be 3 positive effects :
1)inventory will be updated after the battle
2)you can’t sell already  equiped ammunition

to nick87720z
I have the same problems ,when I throw smoke grenades into certain areas :
1) exit from hercules AirCraft (jungle map with crocodile loadscreen)
2) entrance to the Hunter UfoCraft (Snow map)
3)when a grenade falls through textures /map borders
4)when I throw 3-4 smoke/incendiary grenades into one place
5)sometimes it happens when i use  googles +smoke in snow maps

in this case there are no sound and visual effects , but there are problems you write about.

Discussion / Re: Thermobaric ammo
« on: February 03, 2019, 09:38:25 am »
Рere's the SMEL (bumblebee) wiki page    ))

Discussion / Re: Thermobaric ammo
« on: January 27, 2019, 11:38:27 am »

This type of ammo is usually used in big ammo, such as missiles or bombs. Smallest implementations includes rocket launcher missiles.
Even if this ammo type is unsuitable for most treat handling missions, it could be very useful during alien base/carrier assault, as there is noone, but aliens.
And probably going to be exceptionally useful at aliens home.


the exposion  look like a flashbang but leaves behind itself a cloud of smoke like a smoke grenade.
In game for example, it can damage all parts of the body and make a bleeding effects

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