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User modifications / Re: Super Humans mod for UFO:AI 2.5 (cheat)
« on: June 13, 2015, 10:38:43 am »
Updated new version of the mod file, some tweaks and bug fixes.

The 2.6 interface is harder to use and will put new players off.

Another problem in the battlescape interface: selecting soldiers. When I select a soldier and the move the view somewhere else to see an alien and want to select the soldier again to move the view back to him, using the keyboard, I don't know what number to press because there is no indication of which number soldier is selected. Also the faint yellow line around the soldier icons is hard to see and it is hard to see which soldier is selected by looking at that. Especially against a snow background. There is more mystery meat icons on the battlescape view too and the visible alien icon is small and hard to click on.

I have the same problem. When I click on any craft or UFO on the geoscape the radar range circles will turn off.

Also, when they are on I can see them through the planet, so I can see the circles on the far side of the planet through the earth and it gets very confusing. This is not the case in 2.5.

Hi after playing 2.5 I downloaded and installed 2.6

I started a new campaign and built my first base. Now the problem is, I can't find the button to hire staff. Where is it?

I have to say I think the 2.5 user interface is better. The 2.6 one has mystery icons and it is not obvious to the user what they are for.

Also when I look at the pilot for an aircraft in the aircraft screen, and then click on another aircraft, a lot of useless info about the pilot pops up above him, like his stats for strength, speed, accuracy, CQB etc which are all 0.

Feature Requests / Re: Hyperwave Decoder from Alien Psi device
« on: March 10, 2015, 08:59:22 am »
To beat the aliens.

Feature Requests / Hyperwave Decoder from Alien Psi device
« on: March 05, 2015, 07:49:36 pm »
Perhaps the alien psi device that you get from raiding an alien base can be made into a hyper wave decoder so you can see what missions UFOs are on, so you can decide whether you need to shoot them down or not.

Newbie Coding / Number of turns for incendiary and smoke effects
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:54:28 am »
How does one alter the length of time that smoke or fire persists when a smoke or incendiary munition is fired?
I see in the .ufo files a line that says rounds. How does that work?

Is it possible to make a shorter duration incendiary grenade that only burns an area for the turn when it is fired, then the alien movement time, so that civilians don't walk into the flames and your troops can move through the area in the next turn?

User modifications / Re: Super Humans mod for UFO:AI 2.5 (cheat)
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:20:39 am »
Updated the file in the first post to a new version:

Coilgun no longer needs clips. It's clip can be used for the shotgun. Coilgun also can fire armour piercing plasma grenade rounds.

Grenade launcher now uses 1 type of ammo (until you research plasma grenade ammo) with selectable 3 types of effects: high explosive, or incendiary, or flechette. Flechette mode can be used for reaction fire.

Heavy laser can fire laser or armour piercing incendiary rockets.

Starting base layout has been improved.

My squads have a heavy weapons dude packing a grenade launcher and a pistol. When he is near places where aliens come out, like doorways etc, i have him hold the pistol in his left hand and turn on reaction fire for the pistol. (I tick the fire mode in the pistol, then turn on the reaction fire icon at the bottom of the screen).  However, he never takes a reaction fire shot with the pistol.

I have found that the first time a supply ship lands, it is impossible to detect an alien base.  Don't bother sending aircraft to patrol there, you can't find it.

The supply ship will take off in a few days time and unless it flies across a SAM site, it will get away because you will probably be fast forwarding the time and it will not create a notification and pause the game. You will just see your SAM sites briefly flash on and off and that will be it.

The second time a supply ship goes to the same place the base will become detectable if you send an aircraft to patrol exactly where the supply ship disappeared.

If you then assault and destroy the base while the supply ship is inside, you will only destroy the base and not the supply ship.  It will still take off from the destroyed base a few days later!

IMHO when a supply ship lands, it should create a landed supply ship mission like in XCOM. The UFO mission button in the top left of the geoscape screen should change from supply ship to alien activity. If it then takes off the flying supply ship mission button should reappear if it is under radar coverage.

Feature Requests / Re: graphical effects of encased plasma rounds
« on: February 15, 2015, 04:09:29 am »
Where is the specs for the projectile objects? Can't seem to find them in the .ufo files.

Feature Requests / Research Tree Tweak - earlier anti-alien gas
« on: February 15, 2015, 04:06:55 am »
In 2.5 by the time the anti-alien gas becomes researchable, I have usually finished all the research requiring live aliens so there is no longer any need to stun them or take them alive. Either there should be more research requiring live aliens, or the stun gas should be earlier in the research tree.

Tactics / Re: Which UFOs land so they can be captured intact?
« on: February 07, 2015, 06:55:28 pm »
I just had a gunboat land at my base to assault it, the first time i had one land intact. Usually they seem to fly aimlessly around without landing until they get enough SAM site hits to crash.

I have never seen supply ships land to create a mission, maybe i did not let enough of them land.
When they crash, they seem to mostly crash in frozen landscapes or deserts with few civilians around.

The bomber lands to create terror missions.  It works more like a terror ship than a bomber, and appears very rarely.

Tactics / Which UFOs land so they can be captured intact?
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:11:33 pm »
Hi, which UFOs will land so they can be captured intact with all their antimatter? So far here is what I have noticed:

Scout - will sometimes land

Fighter - will sometimes land, but less frequently

Harvester - often lands for terror missions or alien activity or base assault. Sometimes just flies around looking to bomb radar towers and SAM sites without landing.

Supply Ship - always lands to build or supply alien bases, but can never be attacked when landed so no use, have to shoot it down.

Corrupter - as for harvester

Gun boat - I have never seen it land, has anyone seen one land?

Bomber - I have seen too few to know how it behaves but I think I saw a landed one once.

I did not notice the landed raptor model in the maps was facing the wrong way since being VTOL it can land facing any direction right? I don't think the maps raptor needs changing since you can just take it that it landed facing that way. The weapon load screen model would look better if it wasn't backwards though. Alternatively it could be a backwards-looking aircraft so the geoscape model should be backwards too.

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