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Newbie Coding / how to code without breaking the game
« on: March 18, 2015, 01:47:39 am »
i learn by jumping in feet first, making mistakes, and asking a shitload of questions.

so i decided to muck about in the guts of this game, the last time i really did any sort of coding was when i fiddled around with game files in StarLancer, like more than fifteen years ago. so I'm a little bit out of my element here.

just to see what would happen i took the assault rifle and fiddles with its values, and now the game won't even start, and gives me an error, Illegal pos statement '1'

even after replacing the modded game files with the originals the error continues. I have an idea what i did wrong, but i want to hear y'all's input on the matter.

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: constantly spawning enemies
« on: July 05, 2014, 09:46:45 am »
The game writes it automagically.

that much I knew already, my question was more about where to look for it.

Guess i should have been more specific...ufoconsole.log is the file we are looking for

with that I found what i was looking for, I'll be sure to post it next time i have this issue.

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: constantly spawning enemies
« on: July 04, 2014, 06:56:16 am »
This should not happen in the campaign, there is an option for this for the skirmish mode (and it seems it could use a check that aliens do not spawn right next to the player if possible) but as I said this should not happen in the campaign... Could you attach a log of one these missions?

Edit: Where to find the logs

I'll do that next time it happens.

how do i get that log?

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / constantly spawning enemies
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:23:58 am »
i don't know if this is a new game mode or something, but i've had three missions in a row now where my dudes end up slaying more than twelve aliens. and this is on a new game.

the first one was ridiculous, I killed 19 aliens and more kept spawning right next to my guys who were cornered up and had 360 degree security. then the mission ended, which was a mixed blessing since my snipers had racked up huge kills, but both ended up dying from mele aliens appearing behind them from a dead-end that I had already cleared three times before.

i don't know if this is supposed to happen like a kobaiashi maru scenario, or if this is a bug.

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