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Tactics / Re: Research confusion
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:47:33 am »
Thank you guys for your fast response.
I downloaded the latest 2.5-dev branch with git, compiled and installed it, copied over the saved games and now:
* I can research for "The Alien Strategy", which in turn opens "Alien Electronic Warfare" which is not researchable.
* I can research for Encased Plasma Rounds
But nothing more.

When I researched "Universal Serum" I thought that I could now interrogate aliens. But I still can't figure out how. Ok, I have 10 of them in containment, now what? The only option is a button that kills them.
I do have A.Astrogation, A.Propulsion and A.Detection as items, they are on my research list. 2.4 was saying I need prerequisites (but not according the research chart) and 2.5 just says "N/A".

So, it is still a dead-end. I must ask however, is a 2.4 savegame playable correctly in 2.5? Or I should better start from the beginning?

Tactics / Research confusion
« on: January 28, 2014, 04:09:10 am »
I've been playing this game a few days, and I have reached a deadlock in research.
I've read the research map, but I still can't find out the problem. I would appreciate any help.

* I have researched A. Origins, but game says A. Astrogation is still listed as unresearchable
* I have researched A. Materials, but game says A. Detection (and A. Propulsion) is still unresearchable.
* I have captured live aliens, I researched Universal Serum, but did not understand what to do with it. Many months have passed and nothing happened. How can I research my stored live aliens?
* I have researched some techs that they never appeared to do something. Eg, I researched "plasma and the grenade launcher" but nothing appeared on production. I have researched Alien Medium Armor, but nothing followed - ok chart also says that further research is "planned but not yet included" but mentions no game version.
* I have produced Base-Defence Laser Turret, but I cannot place it in a SAM site.

My version is 2.4, on Linux, and date is Sep 2084. I have not yet met the Shevaar race. I have disassembled many UFOs and collected A.Astrogation, A.Propulsion, A.Detection, Particle Beam Weapon, all are listed in my research list but none of them is allowed to be researched.

Thank you!

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