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Took me quite some time.
And if someone in this thread hadn't stated it can be found on this forum I'd never have figured it out.
(This is a gaming forum-->Duke must be "Duke Nukem"....)

Have you thought about adding a textfile to the game download that includes the answer to the security question?- I'd think spambots wouldn't want to download almost a gig of data?

Tactics / Re: Is there really any point in equipping armor?
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:56:20 pm »
I re-played the game with 2.5, and thought I'd give increased mobility troops by sacrificing armour a try.
I expected it to work if at all till the apperance of Combat Hovernets. I'm in late-game now, Ortnoks in armour appear - and my troops still wear no armour. It is difficult, because getting hit now is most times a death sentence. But the bonus is that the whole team can be quickly deployed, and keep enough TUs to effectivley cover each other with reaction fire. I use 8-10 assault troops as they are the ones that can effectivly reaction fire - except for a few maps that favor long range fire (The one with the dam e. g.).
I do replay missions, but it does not happen often, and most of the times it is my poor judgment on "easy" missions, like shot down scouts, fighters that kills my troops.

On missions where you and many aliens are in the open, the amount of fire my team can put out is usually enough to kill most visible aliens in the first turn and still have reaction fire TUs.
2.5 is for me the best vesion of this game I played, balancing is very good (number and types uf UFOs/enemys/enemy weapons and when they appear, just feels logical and smooth)  - and most important: The rate your troops gain exp makes you really feel like you lead the spearhead of humanity into battle, not some loosers that even after ten missions can be beat by Joe Superrecruit appearing next month. And not needing the smoke grenades in next to every mission for cover is a welcome change, too.

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