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Tactics / Re: Production vs Buying/Selling
« on: October 18, 2013, 12:03:34 am »
Does not seem to be the case. especially if i don't know how many materials I'll need for my own use (aka if I'm a new player) I'm not going to sell. thus the situation becomes a bit sketchy and quite illogical. I'd say a 5% cost to build reduction is reasonable and it doesn't require the new code for different buy/sell prices. the 5% is definitely not much but it does give some incentive and helps marginalize the cost of otherwise moderately useless large installation and its 10 man crew (especially since it takes a while to build a ufo storage facility). On a side note would it kill to give a destroy selected ufo button to the facility? Also whats with the login screen in dev2.6? i thought this game didn't need a copy protection... where can i get a login and password? will it have to be always online? Sorry that i went offtopic towards the end.

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