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Title: OBJ limits
Post by: mingohh on March 17, 2015, 10:27:57 pm

I now that this is a old topic, but today I made Neotweek mod of firebird, to be Herakles with alien research paramets, alter all map reguarding Herakles.
My question is I see ind the git folder found the scr/game inv. shared H file the limits of obj in game, If I chance this number and move this file to my mod will it overwrite the file in main UFOAI scource file, becource I install my game only with map and source code. if it cant be done where do I alter other files that refering to obj limits I cant see others files refering to obj limits.
My English aint good so bare with me
Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: DarkRain on March 18, 2015, 06:06:03 pm
Hi, and welcome to the forum :)

As for your question, well, no, it doesn't work like that, not for files located within the src/ directory, for those changes to be applied you need to recompile the game (http://ufoai.org/wiki/Coding#Compiling_the_source)

By the way, which version of the game are you running, the latest stable release or the development builds? If you use the later, I just recently increased the limit (16 more objects)
Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: mingohh on March 25, 2015, 11:58:12 am

Thanks.  I will start to set the pc up, can you help me with this, my plan is to set my pc up so that i will get the same Work envieoment that your coder are using for V. 2.6 dev. Im a newbie in coding but will like to maybe give some god gameplay to UFOAI SO what the perfect setup ???.

I have window 7 home 64, Geforce grafic, Blender 2.73 and Zoner Photo Studio, ConTekst, and old Photoshop 5
been envestigating the sorce files to now how c++ commands is funktion. WHOO big job your Guys are doing.

My first plan is to make a update of the Firebird to a new aircraft called Stormbird with alien tech, with more defencive weapons and a crew of 10 men.
Have plan to replace Herakles with Stormbird so the Herakles is a rescue plane for future Rescue maps and missions, because of the design of the Herakles can have room for rescue members.

Now ist a loot for a newbie but this game has awsome ways to make it a Game of the Century.

Have a nice day


Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: Noordung on March 25, 2015, 09:03:15 pm
You will need blender md2 export script. Should be somewhere on forum...
Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: mingohh on March 26, 2015, 11:39:34 am
Yes i got the md2 export and import

I have read that you have to make the new dropship have a mapfile and compile it to one map. To make it seen on battlescape.

How many obj can there be in 2.6dev before the main scource files has to be alter.
Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: DarkRain on March 28, 2015, 02:34:03 am
Making a new completely new dropship might require some changes to the code, as aircraft are not fully scriptable (Duke was working on trying to make them fully scriptable but with not much success), replacing an existing one on the other hand is much more simple (but yes, you need to adjust and compile the maps)

If with obj you are talking about MAX_OBJDEFS then currently it is set to 144 (of which 123 are already used by the game)
Title: Re: OBJ limits
Post by: mingohh on March 30, 2015, 08:50:29 pm

Now I pressing the lemon once again, will you give me the direction to were the code is that have any connection or having any impact if I want to make more aircraft to the names already in game 2.6

I manace to have new dropship show up in rech and base but the shilloet is red. and the workers can biuld it.

Still working to learn the coding