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Title: Silent Stom Sight System(What a mouthful)
Post by: PurpleYoshi on April 03, 2012, 10:12:33 pm
Has anyone here played Silent Storm?  It's a squad based tactics turn based game, like JA or UFO:AI.  The way seeing civiliians and enemies works is that soldiers can hear the enemy, putting a silouhette of a soldier where the noise came from.  Every seen enemy has an icon over their head.  If it is red, the soldier you're currently clicked on can see that enemy, but if its gray, your current soldier can't but somebody else can.  The hearing thing would be difficult to add in, but does anyone else agree it's annoying to tell who can shoot each alien and who has an eye on them?  With these, you could have recon and scout units designed to spy on the enemies.