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Title: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 16, 2011, 02:40:49 am
I have noticed that there haven't been any post in Sounds and Music for more then 5 months, so I was wondering do you need any new tracks of music or perhaps ambient sounds?
I have made a couple of music (sort of) tracks for the game here's preview:



Will they fit in?
So do you need/like them?
These are not properly mixed, let alone mastered, they are not even ready but if you don't need them or want them there's no point to bother finishing :)

Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: bayo on April 16, 2011, 10:20:33 am
I quite love the the geoscape one, especially the mix between real instrument and ambiant/spacial sounds.
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 16, 2011, 11:39:55 am
:blush: :D Thank you, but It still needs some work I'll post it when I'm done.
I would love to have one of my tracks in your game. Yeah, the ambient one is kind of boring as I listen to it in the morning (maybe I'll trow in a chord progression or a bridge of some sort, or both, and I'll post it for revision). I always rush in on sending unfinished tracks, but do good thing is that i get feedbacks early on so there is no need to rework the whole thing if I end up too absorbed in it and not notice the *&(^ I'm writing.
There are also many others from where these come from I've been quite depressed/post apocalyptic lately :D in my music that is ;) so I got some material if you need it.
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: Mattn on April 16, 2011, 02:27:28 pm
i'm sorry - i don't have speakers right now - so i can't listen. but please keep in mind that we don't support mp3, but ogg. and please tell us the license you release this under.

[edit]and yes - of course - new music is always welcome
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 16, 2011, 03:15:32 pm
 I can convert in ogg "no problems". Still these aren't finished so I would like to have some more work done on them before putting them in anyway (if you decide to).
 I own all of the rights and the tracks have never been released anywhere up to this point so I can do GPL.

PS: If i understood correctly if I release it under GPL, I should write a copyright notice, perhaps inside the tag of the file to inform everyone who might get a copy that it is under GPL and also to retain all credits for this version? Can you give an example of the notice (if needed at all).
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: Crystan on April 16, 2011, 07:59:20 pm
Sounds like somebody used the Addictive Drums vsti in his geosphere song. ;) Well in the first instance i dislike tracks without any "melody" but the geoscape song is a step in the right direction. If you could remove the high pitched sequencer (this high ping pong peng sound starts after 30 seconds) or replacing it with some nice pads and add a melody using a vsti that doesnt push it self to much in the foreground (maybe another pad) it would maybe become a nice track. :) You always have to keep in mind that the average play time of a player is probably over a hour and if there is a track that is too much monotonous or have some high pitched sounds in it, it will become annoying.

These are my personal main conditions for Battle/Geoscape Music:

    * Avoid too fast, "happy" and complex melodies or beats. (complex/fast melodies/beats are okay as long as they fit. Example (http://ufoai.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=ufoai/ufoai;a=blob;f=base/music/Crystan-Geosphere04.ogg))
    * Use quality samples
    * Avoid unpleasant effects or instruments.
    * Pads are always nice.
    * A geosphere song without any reverb is in most cases not a geosphere song

PS: You can add meta data to your tracks and your name/nick will be listed here (http://ufoai.ninex.info/licenses/index.html)
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 16, 2011, 08:54:47 pm
 Actually I did a little tweaking today and was just about to post it. I wrote a slow distorted guitar lead. And yeah I see where your coming from with the hight pitched sounds (this actually is not a sequence but 16th bells tones with a lot of reverb and some phasing but I guess i got carried away with the effects and it really sounds kinda cheap and harsh and they are a bit too loud, but the thing is I kinda like the groove between the slow drums and fast bells, maybe I won't go so high with the notes I'll edit it latter)

 Here's what I did.


 Oh and thanks about the tips ;) Will do!

 PS :Yup there are addictive drums in there, I actually even used one of the midi sequences that goes with the drum machine and just muted some stuff like kick and harsh cymbals added custom groove, rearranged and that's about it. Pretty cheap of me but i can't help it, I'm not a drummer myself, so mine sound kinda industrial and they don't go well in the track. All royalty free thou, so I can call it mine since I paid good money for it :D .

PSS: The thing is that I'm always hung up on the first thing i put in a track I also build the rest of the harmony around it so if I got rid of these things I kinda feel that it is not the same track so, maybe I'll switch offers forget that one I'm browsing my external drive right now for something that fits your criteria.
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 16, 2011, 10:27:24 pm
 How do you feel about this one:


 Closer or further to what you have in mind. I know it's awfully mixed out and the stereo is messy, ignore that I'll fix it.

 Also tomorrow I'll get my old PC back and I'll dig in for some more stuff before addictive drums and slayer, because it's all borderline metal since I got them, not too many slow stuff.
Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: Crystan on April 16, 2011, 11:43:39 pm
I had something like this in mind:
(if you havnt already you should dl Indiependence Free (http://www.yellowtools.us/cp21/cms/index.php?id=842). Haves some nice instruments (like the bass i used) and commercial use is allowed.)

Offer 2.mp3 : I really like the piano, nice! Maybe replace the distortion slayer with a pad (if you have Harmless vsti try EpicPad NUC or String GOL) or something else and add a slightly reverb effect and i think it will be a nice geosphere track. Slayer 2 sounds for me too much synthetic, i never use it. ;)

Title: Re: Is Music Contribution still on?
Post by: strepor on April 17, 2011, 12:22:51 am
 http://www.mediafire.com/?1sq97597jheqc16 how do you like it this way?

 I'm not really big on trancy leadish pads so we're talking middle ground here ;)

 I'm also done for the moment with the geoscape track I first proposed (I feel like all I change makes it worse so I'll let it rest, take it or leave it)

 PS: yeah your right about the slayer it is really kinda fake for a guitar sim (I got much better ones that go with logic 9 and GB) but I LOVE the amp sim in it, really does wonders with damp/release, also good for breackbeat dubstep leads. If I synth isn't a good sim of real instrument, doesn't make it sounding bad, if it sounds good it is good real or synthetic.
Edit: I have removed all the samples.

OT: I'm actually disappointed for leaving me idle with no answer whatsoever  for 15 days now. This raises questions for your willingness to work with new people(and we are talking for contributions not actual paid work here). In my opinion UFO AI is one of the better remakes of the classic franchise, however the sound leaves much to be desired ,on contrary to the classic game series witch relied heavily on the music and sound to add to the gameplay experience. I thought you would be more open minded, or at least attentive at your own development forums.