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CLOSED  Bug report #196  -  RC4: Wrong status for aircraft
Posted Jul 30, 2006 - updated Jan 28, 2013
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Issue description
Item 196 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 18:11:52

The screenshot shows an aircraft from base#1 (USA) flying back from a mission resolved with auto-mission.

The shown status is wrong in several ways:

  • Box at lower right: "At homebase"
  • Box at lower right: Fuel is still at 100/100

  • Aircraft-box: Option "Stop-mission" is present
  • Aircraft-box: Option "Back to base#2" (instead of #1)

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hajo4 (2006-07-30 18:10:59)  ⇑ top
Wrong status for aircraft
vtorf (2006-07-31 07:26:52)  ⇑ top
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This problem is supposed to be solved in trunck.

Geoscape can no more display information about an aircraft at home. Check "if (selectedAircraft->status <= AIR_HOME)" in MAP_DrawMap function in cl_map.c file.

The aircraft in screenshot is not selected. It&#039;s another aircraft that is selected.

Bug can be closed.

hajo4 (2006-07-31 09:54:37)  ⇑ top
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No, the other aircraft is at its homebase in europe, as can be seen in screenshot for another issue 1531306 Dialog "Select Aircraft" : Status too narrow

And how should it be selected from a zoomed-in map ?
bandobraz (2006-08-28 21:10:12)  ⇑ top
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Please reopen if this is not fixed in RC4.
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